20 reviews about Souvlaki Brothers

30 Dec 2017

Perfect Souvlaki and chips every time. Always good quality meat and just love the seasoning and sauce. Service with a smile! Always busy but still managed to serve us promptly. Keep up the excellent work guys, we will be back.

22 May 2017

You can always rely on the chips here. The one with the Greek seasoning. And they have some good yiros options.
I like the Cyprus one. The hot one was good, but it was a passing fad for me.

happyshopping 27 May 2017 · 100% Trust

sounds interesting - must try them

09 Sep 2015

You can always rely on these guys to deliver the best Yiros, never been disappointed, cooked to perfection, meat so tender and their chips are also fabulous. Never had reason to complain, a place my husband and family have enjoyed for some time now.

happyshopping 09 Sep 2015 · 100% Trust

Yiros is something I really like. Must try it here.

09 Aug 2015

If you love Greek food then you are guaranteed to love Souvlaki Brothers, the food was fast and fresh

happyshopping 30 Aug 2015 · 100% Trust

It sounds great so will try it soon - thank you

Shazzbot1 09 Sep 2015 · 100% Trust

they make the best yiros ever!

25 Apr 2014

Chips! Get the one with the Greek seasoning. You can get them in small or large cones, but if you get the one in the small cone, then personally, I do not believe you are a person that is true to yourself.
Definitely their yiros are also fantastic and all of them are worth a try. Personally, I like the Collussus.

Approximate cost: $avg

Shazzbot1 25 Apr 2014 · 100% Trust

Thanks, I have been meaning to go here. Will have to try the greek seasoning.

RedDwarf 27 Apr 2014 · 100% Trust

Their Yiros is awesome here!

10 Jan 2014

Wow! After looking over the menu I had difficulty deciding whether to try their Extreme Fire Yiros or the Spitfire Yiros. After being told that the extreme really does burn and truly is extreme, I opted for the Lamb Spitfire Yiros with extra jalapenos and hot chilli sauce. Honestly, it was sooo good. The meat wasn't chewy and fatty, it was quality meat. I had my Yiros with an order of chips to share with my friends. They just went for traditional yiros, they can't handle any heat. But if I see it on a menu, I have to give it a go. This is a place I will be returning to and maybe I will try that Extreme Fire Yiros next time. Definitely recommend.

Approximate cost: $from $12

14 Aug 2013

For me, the how good a yiros is comes down to the quality of the meat. The lamb at Souvlaki Brothers is one of the best in Adelaide. Large chunks of tender perfectly marinated lamb cooked to perfection over charcoal is going to be good in any yiros. The service is good, the store is modern and clean, what more could you ask for?

On this occasion, I decided to try their Lamb AB. The lamb was delicious and there was a generous amount. The chips were thin and crunchy. The lamb and chips were drowning in the garlic, chilli and tomato sauce. Possibly a bit too much sauce, but I can't complain when they give you more.

This place is a little bit more expensive than other yiros places, but you certainly get better quality.

08 Aug 2013

The chips are awesome and I especially love that you can get the chips IN your yiros. The only thing I dislike is I ALWAYS end up with yiros juice on my shirt or pants, but thats what a great yiros produces haha. Always friendly no matter the time of day/night you go there. If you love yiros then you MUST TRY these guys, you wont be disappointed.

22 Jul 2013

As I'm a vegetarian, I can't say I've tried the bulk of the menu but I can say that the Souvlaki Brothers' hot chips are absolutely delicious and potentially the best hot chips I've. They're good price and are served in a cone and flavoured with delicious herbs! I grab a cone of those amazing chips every time I head down to Glenelg. Just one pointer: Watch out for the seagulls or they'll chase you down the street!

becs3 23 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

The seagulls obviously like the chips too!

heatherc300 07 Jul 2016 · 100% Trust


26 Mar 2013

Middle of the day or late at night, this place is always busy and for good reason! Their lamb and chicken yiros are absolutely delicious and the service always friendly and understanding. I also love getting a 'cone' full of chips covered in their unique Souvlaki Brothers' herbs, which you can always see people eating all around Glenelg. Great value and service in a beautiful location.

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