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19 Mar 2016

Very conveniently located in an alleyway off Melbourne Central and also close to the Melbourne Central office tower. They serve promptly and the dishes are of a reliable and decent quality. A lovely selection of pastas, risottos, pizza and other italian dishes.

02 Apr 2015

We had a work lunch here to celebrate a birthday. We were seated upstairs (which is a function room). Everyone ordered different meals including salmon, calamari, steak, pastas ... everyone enjoyed their meals

the prices were very reasonable about $20 and most importantly we all enjoyed our lunch!

staff were lovely very polite and prompt in looking after us

Will be happy to recommend!

Approximate cost: $20

Bobby123 05 Apr 2015 · 100% Trust

Sounds like a great place to try when in Melbourne next, thanks

10 Dec 2012

Came here for a late breakfast/early lunch with a friend. We were quite possibly 5-10 minutes away from getting the lunch menu, but we weren't even told this. From when we sat down all we were offered was the breakfast menu. Even when we ordered, he didn't tell us that the restaurant had moved into the lunch service. Now I know this might not seem like such a big deal, but there was definitely more variety on the lunch menu, and it was also much more value for money.

I ended up ordering the big breakfast and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate wasn't bad, but it definitely isn't one of the best I've tasted. The big breakfast however, I found to be terrible. I barely ate any of it. The eggs were supposed to be scrambled but they weren't quite that. Part of the egg were overcooked and parts were undercooked. Not exactly the most appetising thing. The sourdough bread underneath the egg was not worth eating, it tasted like cardboard. The sausage was a sausage, nothing much to say there. The bacon was extremely salty, now I know bacon is supposed to be salty but this just tasted as if it was marinated in salt, fried in salt then covered in salt for serving. All it did was make me thirsty. To be completely honest, I hated what I was eating. Everything except one tiny thing. The homemade hashbrown was the ONLY thing I enjoyed eating. It was the only redeeming quality of the big breakfast. I honestly felt like I wasted heaps of money and heaps of food eating here, and I won't be going back.

Approximate cost: $16

18 Jul 2012

Great location. Sit in the laneway for a more upbeat vibe or find a quiet table inside. The coffee and pizza's are really good. Had the special steak sandwhich last time which was tasty. The service is generally reasonably quick and the prices are reasonable.

04 Sep 2011

I have been to Spiga few times. The food is inconsistent. So, it is a bit of a hit and miss. I assume they have changed management. It used to be very good in the past.

Approximate cost: $20

20 Jul 2011

This place used to be amazing but has since gone down hill. The staff are often rude and dont give you much time to decide what you want to eat/drink. The food is hit and miss. Pizzas are good and they do a GF option however their breakfast fruit salad lacked freshness. My friend had gluten free toast with avocado and tomato and it came to the table soggy. When we were asked how our meal was we honestly said 'not very good' and we received the reply from the waitress 'i'm not a chef' - disappointing. However the coffee is amazing.

Approximate cost: $17

19 Jul 2011

Stopped here for lunch one afternoon. Getting a high chair was no trouble at all. Enjoyed a lovely risotto, and the chai was well made. Good location for getting a train afterwards.

23 Dec 2008

Went to Spiga for a Christmas get together on a Wednesday at lunchtime. The place was full but the service was still excellent and friendly. Wine prices were very steep - $8 for a glass is too much in my opinion! The food was better value, I had a chicken salad which was huge and very good for about $17. It's a little pricey for everyday lunches but I would come here again for a special occasion. Nice warm and cosy atmosphere.

Approximate cost: $17-25

06 Aug 2007

With lovely ambience and smiling staff, Spiga Bar is a wonderful place for a meal out in the city. The food was excellent and they are happy to allow for diet issues, such as allergies and low carb diets (without making an issue of it).

Approximate cost: $20

11 Jul 2007

I was working late one night with a friend and went for a walk in search of some take-away. I found this bar/cafe in the Melbourne Central complex. We had a coffee while waiting for our pizza orders. The place had a good feel about it and I would have liked to stay longer. The pizzas were delicious - wood fired, thin, fresh crusts and not too much topping - just the way I like it!

Approximate cost: $15

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