11 reviews about Starbucks

16 Nov 2015

Stuck in a little corner of Westfield, this is Starbucks at its worst. The feeling is more that you should get a takeaway coffee and go rather than stay and chat.

29 Dec 2013

always wanted to try this place and while holidaying in brisbane chermside had to try this place is the wow factor great tasting food fantastic customer service was not dissappointed at all was a very busy place but your order dont take long to get to you all at very good prices as well thank you

Approximate cost: $32

09 May 2012

5 out of 5 from me!!! The staff here are really friendly and you get your order in a matter of minutes now matter how many people are ahead of you. I've always found them efficient and my coffee is made perfecto!
The food is a little overpriced I think but I'm a coffee girl so I just go there to refuel :)

09 May 2012

This Is a great spot to go and have a drink and a cake or something, nice atmosphere and staff, will go here again

09 May 2012

great coffees which are always served with a smile. They need to call out names louder so your not waiting when your names already been called but other than that great.

03 May 2012

Starbucks have a good selection of coffees they have excellent service would recommend going there they have a great customer service team

18 Apr 2012

Starbucks used to be my favourite coffee store, but every time I visit this one I always get a coffee that tastes burnt, I crave my caramel machiato's but I haven't got a good one from here yet...
The staff will make you another one, but sometimes you just don't have the time to wait....

07 Jul 2011

starbucks have very good coffee but there sandwiches are a bit soggy i like there cakes though

19 Nov 2010

Love Starbucks coffee! I have never had a bad coffee from Starbucks so always find one when in need of a coffee fix. Particularly like the frappuccinos and iced coffees. The cakes and sandwich selection is great as well.

06 Apr 2010

I am a frequent customer of Starbucks coffee, originally because my sister worked there but when she moved away I continued to go there because in my mind, not many coffee stores can step up to there standards.

Approximate cost: $12.50

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