Reviews by kmm30

This review is for Beach Bakery, Caloundra QLD

02 Oct 2012

The beach bakery is a really nice bakery, it is very nice and clean and looks attractive, like you want to go in. I was there last week and met a friend there. I had a beautiful cake and diet coke. The staff there always are very happy and friendly and my morning tea was lovely and will be going back again.

This review is for Australia Zoo, Beerwah QLD

02 Oct 2012

My kids and I live going to Australia Zoo, we went last school holidays and try to go once a year. The zoo is very well run and very clean, the animals are all very well looked after and you will often find staff walking around with different animals and will tell you all about them. We all love the zoo and have been many times and always look forward to going

This review is for The Cheesecake Shop, Maroochydore QLD

21 Sep 2012

I went to the Cheesecake Shop in Maroochydore last month with one of my workmates, one of the girls that we work with was leaving and we all chipped in to get a really nice morning tea for here. We went up and all the cheesecakes etc looked fantastic, we ended up deciding on a traditional chocolate mud cake as we figured that almost everyone would love that (we were right, they did!). The lady there was very helpful, answered our questions and helped create a nice happy atmosphere in the shop.

This review is for The Fruit Shed, Warana QLD

19 Sep 2012

I love the fruit shed and stop here weekly on my way home from work, I often find that they have really good specials here and would imagine that I save about $10 a week by buying the specials here, they have other bis and pieces of food etc that are often really good prices too, the staff have always been talkative and helpful too.

This review is for Caboolture Park News, Caboolture QLD

13 Sep 2012

I usually end up at the shops here whenever I go to caboolture, and always end up getting something from the newsagents here. I called into the shops last week when I was in caboolture last week and brought some things my daughter needed for school, a few pieces of cardboard for a school project (lots of colours to choose from), and some hb pencils and a rubber, the staff were friendly and helpful as always. Big range f cards and magazines too.

This review is for Anaconda, Morayfield QLD

04 Sep 2012

I stopped at Anaconda on the way back from Brisbane in July this year. I had to buy a camping dinner set for one person for one of the kids for a camp, a plate, dish and cup that would be good for camping and wouldnt break. I had looked around but couldnt find what I wanted, I did find what I wanted here though, a really good quality set that I didnt mind paying for as both kids can use them for all future camps. I was pointed in the right direction by one of the staff, I found them very helpful.

This review is for Mister Minit, Maroochydore QLD

29 Aug 2012

My daughter received a medal from school a few months ago, she was very proud of it, however I thought it would be really nice to get it engraved so that she would always remember when she got it etc. i took it to Mr Minit at the plaza just after she got it to get it engraved. The guy working there was very helpful and helped me decide exactly what to write on it and layout etc. it only took him about an hour and I went shopping while he was doing it. He did a great job and at a reasonable price so I was very happy.

This review is for Wendy's, Maroochydore QLD

25 Aug 2012

Wendys at the plaza is great, my kids love wendys. I went shopping with the kids last month and decided that we should get a treat while we were there. Wendys is just outside kmart at the plaza, so it is very easy to find etc. both the kids wanted an ice cream, they both got chocolate and I got a vanilla milkshake. The guy serving was very nice and happy and was happy for the kids to take their time eorking out what they wanted.

This review is for Sunco Hyundai Service Centre, Currimundi QLD

23 Aug 2012

I have a hyundai car, but I dont know much about cars in general. When the battery went flat in our car in June this year I got a new battery installed. However I didnt realise that you needed a special code to get the stereo to work in a car after the battery has went flat. I didnt know what the code was or where to find it. I drive around without a stereo for a few days but it was driving me mad! I decided to go to the hyundai service centre as I figured that they would know what to do. They were really helpful, they took the car to look at and I think they had to take the battery out again to find the code, I'm not 100% sure though as I am hopeless with cars. It didnt take them long and they were very efficient and only charged me about $20, and since I had no idea, I thought that was pretty goo.

This review is for The Tivoli, Fortitude Valley QLD

22 Aug 2012

We went to the tivoli in feburary this year to see switchfoot. We had a great night, I love the atmosphere at the tivoli and the sound was great. We found parking close by which was good, although you could also take public transport instead which would probably be easier. I have been looking at their website to see what other bands will be coming that I want to see.