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04 Dec 2017

As a new mother, with my first child, I was so very lucky to have Ebony work with me in her role as a postpartum doula. She alleviated angst around the unknowns of having a newborn. She anticipated many physical and emotional needs I would require, which made the first 6 weeks of motherhood smoother processes. I would have been stressed and felt quite unsure without her guidance and support.
Knowing Ebony was there for me, and having the trust in her, helped me to transition into my new and exciting role as a mother.
I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is pregnant, nervous about their new role.
My partner and I felt supported, cared for, and I believe this helped us become confident in our new roles, and enjoy our transition into parenthood.
Many thanks and gratitude.

20 Aug 2017

Ebony provided postpartum massage when I was breastfeeding my son. The aches associated with birth and feeding were worked on which made such a difference to how I felt. The convenience of Ebony providing massage at home was amazing in the first few months after birth.

19 Aug 2017

I started seeing Ebony while I was pregnant as I was seeking a therapist who did more than a simple relaxation massage. The treatment was fantastic and exercise program given was really beneficial. I was blown away with Ebony's knowledge, advice and caring nature.
I have continued to see her regularly and recommended her to my friends and family.

Approximate cost: $125

30 Nov 2016

I was at a point where I had to make myself a priority in my own life. As a business owner and mother of two young children it’s been very easy to neglect my own well-being. It was through a workshop presented by Ebony, that I was able to decide that the time was right for me to finally do something about it, and have been very comfortable discussing these issues with Ebony and having her treat me.

I’m finally addressing my back issues but in addition have taken up pilates a couple of times a week. With Ebony’s help I have been able to set time aside to focus on getting myself physically healthier and more active than I have been in a very long time.

Ebony has made me extremely comfortable throughout our sessions. She has helped me see past what’s stopping me from getting better, to how do I want to actually feel. And to focus on it as a way of moving forward.

28 Nov 2016

My post-natal massage with Ebony was perfect to help my body deal with the stresses of having a new baby. She helped relieve the tension in my shoulders from holding my baby to feed her, and also found some sore spots I didn't even realise were there! She was flexible with working around my baby's sleep time which made the whole experience very relaxing. Thanks Ebony.

22 Aug 2016

Professional, caring and knowledgable, I have complete confidence in Ebony.

Ebony was a great support through my pregnancy and provided welcome relief from aches and pains. Her antenatal treatment was excellent. I believe it encouraged my baby into a good position and that it played a significant role in what was a straightforward and timely delivery.

I have continued to see Ebony for postnatal care and now ongoing treatment of issues associated with breastfeeding posture and general tension.

I would highly recommend Ebony at Untangled Living to anyone looking for effective, thorough, ethical and considered care.

08 Aug 2016

After a serious motor vehicle accident in 2011 , I had the pleasure of having Ebony from Untangled Living visit my home on a regular basis for massage & myotherapy to help with my recovery.
Ebony was reliable , and a therapist who I felt was in tune with my improvements and set backs as they arose.
I would be more than happy to recommend her to possible customers.

05 Aug 2016

A couple of years ago at 65 years old, I began Pilates with a Physio who encouraged me to have remedial massages to help with mobility in my neck and shoulders and for the pain in my hips which was especially evident when trying to sleep.

After the first session with Ebony I was surprised at the flexibility I found in my neck and shoulders . With some clear explanations and exercises from Ebony to help with my hips and my posture, I found a new sense of wellbeing in the following weeks and became more active with a new found confidence. I have continued with this program of Pilates and remedial massages and feel so much better for it .

I found Ebony's knowledge of the body and how it functions, combined with her simple explanations and her massage techniques, invaluable to my own understanding and appreciation of what exercise and remedial massage can do for anyone, at any age .
I highly recommend Ebony for her skill at 'untangling' pressure points and muscles along with her genuine care and concern for her patient, making the whole experience a friendly, enjoyable life enhancing one .

04 Aug 2016

I was seeking a Myotherapist to assist me with my constant neck and shoulder pain, and found Ebony, when surfing the web.
Ebony was very accommodating, and gave the therapy required to assist me with my pain.

02 Aug 2016

When I first came to Ebony I had lower back pain and shoulder tension from poor posture and sitting for long times as a desk. Ebony took a hands on approach combined with a scientific approach to my treatment plan. This combined some dry needling, massage and some take home exercises. Her approach is very professional with the sensitivity of a personal connection. Ebony takes care to remember the small details of what you share with her, and is able to follow up at the next treatment.

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