7 reviews about Vines Restaurant at Helen's Hill

08 Dec 2013

I have to say that the view is lovely and the decor very easy on the eye, if not on the ear. It is very noisy in there due to lots of hard surfaces and few soft furnishings.
We have dined here before and found the experience excellent in every way but today disappointments far outweighed delights. We were there for Sunday lunch, and the rule is that one must have a main and either an entrée or sweet, or both.
Firstly, the waitresses were very attentive and pleasant, and the complimentary bread was warm and fresh, so I have started with the good stuff. But...
Our tabletop was vey unstable, so that we feared for our drinks.
The tasting platter entrée, although impressive to look at, was quite sparse at $36 for 2 people. The stuffed zucchini flowers were delicious, as was the lamb soup, however the soup was so big that those who had it didn't need a main!
The veal scallopini was a unique take on a classic dish, so some were surprised and a bit put off, but others really enjoyed the dish. The 3-fish lasagne was also commended. But the 'lamb chops' dish, at $28, consisted of two BARBEQUE chops, with a tiny dish of coleslaw and 5 fat chips. Pretty steep! The pumpkin pie main course was just that - $28 for a pie, and not a very attractive pie, in the middle of a plate. At least it tasted OK.
The wines are hideously expensive per bottle. It is cheaper to buy it by the glass! (House made wines only)
We saw 2 of the desserts - the Crème Catalan, which was as described, and the pear and macadamia tart, which looked nothing like the menu described, but tasted good anyway.
The coffees were good and there was a complimentary 'rumball' for each diner.
In all, don't expect to get what you imagine from reading the menu. It certainly wasn't 'fine dining'-style food, and the overall food presentation comes nowhere near what one would expect from a winery restaurant in the gold section of the Entertainment Book.

Approximate cost: $28

15 Aug 2013

I went today with my mum and sister with a toddler, the food was lovely, the waitress was very nice and helpful the only thing I could fault was it was extremely hot inside with the heater on

13 Jun 2010

Pretty disappointed with this place. We called ahead to make sure there would be vegan options and we were assured they would. I ended up with a very ordinary and salty risotto with what looked like diced frozen vegetables in it. There were vegetarian options on the menu which could have been made vegan but I wasn't given the choice. Pretty lazy to offer up such a poor dish - I would expect that in a pub but not at a nice winery restaurant where you would expect the chefs to have a bit of flair and have the ability to produce a restaurant standard meal regardless of dietary requirements.

Approximate cost: $30

11 Dec 2009

I have dined at the vines 3 times over a few years and really enjoyed it each time.
The menu is interesting a different and the staff friendly and helpful

21 Nov 2009

I really enjoyed lunch at this restaurant with my partner. I found the staff to be helpful not only on serving and taking our orders but also on filing us in on a little of the wineries history. A wonderful place to dine for a relaxing, enjoyable meal.

22 Oct 2009

I have been to Vines for both lunch on a Friday and Father's Day breakfast. Both times were great experiences. Fresh, flavourful food, great service and stunning views. Staff were friendly but non intrusive and very professional. My 9yr old enjoyed the breakfast as well and the staff treated her as a patron as well as us.

Approximate cost: $-

17 Aug 2007

We had lunch one Sunday afternoon at the Vines restaurant at Helen's Hill and loved it. The menu caters for vegetarians and for gluten free. The views and property are stunning, the wine was great and we had a very spoilt afternoon over 3 courses! The floor in the restaurant is concrete, so with lots of people it can be a tad noisy but the prices aren't insane and the food was really tasty. We noticed on a brochure that they also have jazz weekends and things at different times of the year. Worth a look!

Approximate cost: $26.00

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