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14 Nov 2019

Do not use Watts Fencing. They take no responsibility for their terrible service. Everyone is a sub-contractor so no one actually works for Watts Fencing - therefore they don't care.

Use a family business who may take a little longer but will actually deliver a quality product. Watts Fencing do not work with women well. See Terms and Conditions where every things falls in their favour and nothing for the client.

Approximate cost: $4000

22 Mar 2018

My fence was installed in 2015 (and yes, I followed instructions on how to care for it). Now, in 2018, it has a lean. Three years. Very disappointed. Watts was also the more expensive option which I had to roll with due to the real estate agent managed property next door.

29 Nov 2017

I rang Watts for a quote today. Provided the address and asked that the quoter could call me on the day to have a chat about what was needed as I couldn’t be there.
The lady said “we don’t call people when at the address”
So I cancelled the request for a quote.
It astounds me the lack of desire to provide just a basic level of customer communication.
Plenty of other companies more deserving of my business.

10 Mar 2017

The quality of fencing was good but they destroyed the garden beds and did not fess up to repair the damage. Faceless operators just in for the money and charge high prices. Horrible experience

Approximate cost: $4000

15 Jan 2009

We (body corp) contacted Watts Fencing to quote on replacing and 2 separate corral fences in Aug '08 and dispose of the old fence at our units and they came quickly and when mutually agreed upon.

However they did not do as agreed. Watts placed the posts incorrectly apart and left the old fence timbers in my backyard. The agreement was to remove and dispose of the old fence on the same day! My backyard is not accessible without a key, and I did not feel comfortable leaving a key with them and staying home another day to let them in is not a possibility. Since I do not get home in time to see daylight, my wife had to drag those big pieces of timber all the way to naturestrip & she called them to come back to remove it from my naturestrip the following day. This was not what was agreed upon.

I then had to get them back to add posts otherwise the pailings would prematurely warp and buckle where the spans were too large. They came back to rectify the problem and did so promptly. They added a post where the span was too great.
I didn't notice the problem for 2 months and in the 3rd month when I was painting the fence I noticed that the Professional that erected the fence nailed through my downpipe which is hard up against the fence with their nail-gun 4 times. I contacted them but was on hold for 10 minutes and then was cut off.

I called again a few days later after receiving a notice from Watts stating they will remove the fence/s if full payment is not received in 3 days. After speaking to Graeme, I was told I can deduct the cost of repairing the down pipe from the total bill. He was the first helpful contact I experienced there. Thanks Graeme!

I know I was slow to pay but this is the reason I held back from paying. I was not sure I'd be able to get good service if I had paid.

I am content with this outcome despite the hassles. Lift your quality Watts Fencing, you seem willing and able to do good work. This all could have been avoided!

Approximate cost: $860

23 Dec 2008

3 years ago we had a standard paling fence built in our rear yard, between us and our neighbour by Watts. Recently a few of the support posts snapped and we called Watts out to have a look. It took nearly a week for them to come out and the guy who did told us it was in a very dangerous state and to keep it braced, and keep our young kids and dog away from it. I faxed the signed quote and wrote "Urgent - dangerous fence" as was suggested by the friendly sales rep, but didn't hear back from them. 2 days later I called to find out a work-date and it turns out they had lost the paperwork, so I had to re-fax it. They gave me a date 3 weeks down the track (would hate to have seen how long it would take if it wasn't urgent!). We cancelled all plans for that day and sat around until 3pm waiting for them to arrive. Finally I called to see where they were and it turns out they had got the wrong day. They were very apologetic and agreed to come the next day. The man who arrived was very friendly and did the work quickly. When I rang the office that afternoon to pay them their money, they had lost the paperwork again!!
We won't be using them again. Very disappointing service and we found their admin really let them down.

04 Jun 2007

Fast paling fencing...

We agreed with our neighbours to have all of our perimeter paling fence replaced because it was falling over and rotting. These guys re-built over 80 lineal metres of fencing in one day

Approximate cost: $0

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