Reviews by Brad

This review is for Melbourne Computers, Moorabbin VIC

18 Feb 2014

This is a very basic small computer shop. they don't have much stock but can be handy if you need a network cable or something similar.

This review is for Gym And Fitness, Springvale VIC

12 Feb 2014

I've bought a lot of stuff from Gym and Fitness and they have top notch service. They have a large range of fitness equipment for home use and also better quality commercial gear too. Aaron at the Melbourne store is great to deal with and their online store is very well setup too, although everything is shipped from the Gold coast which can take a while on occasion.

This review is for Autobarn, Moorabbin VIC

17 Jan 2014

I think Autobarn could be a lot better than it is. I'm not sure what it is, but I never just want to go in a browse. I'll go there to grab something specific but they don't seem to have many "cool" products that you just want to buy. Also their pricing is not particularly competitive.

This review is for The Royale Brothers, Brighton VIC

17 Jan 2014

Really good burgers but probably very high in calories... I like the Royale with Cheese (gotta love Pulp Fiction references). There is a substantial amount of cheese on it and it's that american burger cheese, so don't get cheese if you don't like really soft melted cheese on your burger (who doesn't though?). The buns are really soft and quite sweet making for a very rich american-style burger. The chips aren't that amazing, especially at $3.50 for a small bucket.

Approximate cost: $12

This review is for Cafe Sana, Hampton East VIC

17 Jan 2014

This is a great cafe for breakfast or lunch. The staff are nice and they have a wide variety of things to eat at reasonable prices. I like their Sana salad.

This review is for Monaco, Hampton East VIC

19 Dec 2013

I ordered some Gourmet Pizza from this pizza place using the Eatnow app. The reviews on Eat Now were really positive but I don't think the pizza lived up to the hype.

Approximate cost: $17

This review is for Marine Hotel, Brighton VIC

15 May 2013

We've recently started going to the Marine Hotel with our kids. The food is really good, and they have reasonably priced kids meals which are high quality (no frozen nuggets). If you can grab a shop-a-docket from Woolworths in Church St, you'll get two for one main courses which makes it really good value.

We haven't received any of the poor service mentioned in some of the other reviews so maybe they've had a management change or lifted their game.

Approximate cost: $25

This review is for Gutters Uncluttered, Rosebud West VIC

15 May 2013

We used these guys to clean our gutters, some of which literally had 3 foot weeds growing out of them. They were able to come out within 24 hours and did a great job at a reasonable price. They offer a periodic service as well so you don't have to remember to book them in.

Approximate cost: $170

This review is for Thai Poasiam Massage, Hampton VIC

15 May 2013

I've been to this place a couple of times for a massage. They are very good, but it's traditional thai massage so don't expect any relaxation. It can be quite rough and painful but helps get those knots out and you'll feel better the next day. Pricing is pretty good too.

Approximate cost: $60

This review is for Revolution Racegear, Mitcham VIC

20 Apr 2012

Revolution sells almost everything you need to motorsport from their Mitcham showroom. They're not the cheapest around and you can generally buy gear cheaper online but they're convenient and knowledgable.