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Member Rewards

Get vouchers and recognition for your reviews and contribution.

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Member Rewards Program

Get vouchers and bragging rights for sharing your recommendations with the local community.

Earn reward points

Join Word of Mouth (with a verified email) You can get your first points just for joining Word of Mouth and verifying your email address. To verify your email, just click on the link we email you after you join. 200
Enter your 1st review (bonus points) These points are awarded only for the very first review you enter (it's our little encouragement to get you started!). 300
Review a small business Every review you enter for small businesses will earn you points. Why just small businesses? Because Word of Mouth is all about helping customers find out about lesser known businesses - the ones you hear about through word of mouth. We only count reviews for smaller businesses and not large brands or chains (must have less than 5 stores/outlets). If we haven't classified the business yet, your points will show as 'Pending' until its classified (usually within a couple of days). 100
Be the 1st to review a small business (bonus points) When you enter a business on Word of Mouth for the first time, we give you bonus points. Did you realise that almost all the businesses on Word of Mouth were entered by the person who first reviewed them? You can add a new business by going to the 'Review' menu option and then entering the details for a business you've used recently. 100
Comment on someone's review Did someone's review help you choose a business? Do you agree (or disagree) with a persons review? Join the conversation and add a constructive comment to the review. (If you've used the business, you should enter your own review for them.) 10

Get Vouchers for Points!

Once you have enough points, you can cash them in for a fantastic voucher!

$10 iTunes Voucher for 1500 points

iTunes vouchers can be used to puchase music, books, movies, TV shows, and more through iTunes.

$20 Westfield Voucher for 3000 points

Westfield vouchers can be used at most stores within Westfield Shopping centres.

$20 WISH Voucher for 3000 points

Wish vouchers can be used at participating Woolworths, Safeway, Big W, Caltex and Dan Murphy's stores.

Conditions for Member Rewards Program

To avoid disappointment, please read the conditions below carefully.

Please note that in June 2014 we changed the points expiry from 3 months to 6 months. This applies for all points earned from March 20, 2014.

  1. Reviews must be genuine and useful

    The reviews you submit must be genuine and reflect your actual experience as a paying customer with the businesses you review. They must contain useful information that helps other Word of Mouth users make a decision about whether to use the business. As always, all reviews must abide by our Fair Play Policy and Conditions of Use. Please note that Word of Mouth employs a number of different measures to ensure that all reviews genuinely reflect the user's actual experience. This is extremely important - after all, it is businesses' reputations at stake and Word of Mouth users need to feel 100% confident in relying on the reviews to choose businesses which will best meet their needs.

  2. One account per person

    All participants should note that Word of Mouth employs a number of different measures to verify that each user is a unique person and that all reviews represent a genuine account of the user's actual experience. The only person that contributes to an account should be the actual member (accounts should not be shared between family and individuals should not have multiple accounts). If, for any reason, we have concerns about the nature of reviews submitted, or the activity associated with an account, Word of Mouth may, at its sole discretion, decide not to award points which relate to this activity and these reviews may also be removed.

  3. Only reviews for small Australian businesses are rewarded

    A key aim of Word of Mouth is helping customers find out about lesser known businesses - the ones you only hear about through Word of Mouth. That's why for the Member Rewards Program, we only award points for smaller businesses and not large brands or chains. We consider a business to be small if it has less than 5 stores/outlets (even if they are individually owned, as we're looking for the lesser known businesses). When you review a business that we have not yet classifed, your points will show up as "Pending" - this will usually be resolved within 1-3 business days.

  4. Reviews for businesses in the Shopping & Hobbies categories do not earn points

    The Rewards Program is here to encourage you to share genuinely useful reviews. In general, businesses in the Shopping & Hobbies categories are selling a product, more than a service - ie. we buy from them because we want the product (yes, we know there are exceptions but the program has to have some boundaries to work properly). Although reviews for these businesses are still useful, rewards will only be provided for reviews in categories that are more service focussed.

  5. Comments must be constructive

    We award points for your comments on other peoples reviews, however, all comments must be constructive, non-offensive and should add to the discussion about the business. Points may be removed for misuse of comments.

  6. Compliments must be genuine

    From August 22nd, points are no longer awarded for compliments. Prior to this, we awarded points for giving and receiving compliments, however all compliments should be genuine and should only be given to members or reviews that have helped you in some way, or where the content was impressive and deserving of a compliment. Points may be removed for indiscriminate compliments or multiple compliments between members.

  7. You must have complete contact details

    To be eligible to receive a voucher you must have your real name, a unique, verified mobile phone number and a corresponding physical address entered in your Member Details under My Profile. A maximum of 2 members can be located at the same physical address or can share the same residential internet connection. We generally use Certified Mail to send vouchers so you may need photo identification proving you reside at that address in order to collect your voucher.

  8. Points expiry

    Word of Mouth Rewards Points expire 6 months after they have been earned. Any points not redeemed for vouchers within this period will expire.

  9. Your vouchers

    All vouchers are subject to the actual conditions of the issuing business. After sending the voucher to your nominated address, Word of Mouth assumes no responsibility for the arrival or usage of the vouchers and members should direct any enquiries about their usage to the issuing business (usually available via their respective websites).

  10. Embrace the spirit of Word of Mouth

    The Member Rewards Program is designed to reward members for their genuine contribution to the Word of Mouth community. All contributions should be sincere and support the genuine sharing of actual experiences between people. If, for any reason, we have concerns about the nature of reviews submitted, or the nature of other activity associated with an account, Word of Mouth may, at its sole discretion, decide not to award points which relate to this activity and reviews and other content may be removed.

  11. Maximum Voucher Redemptions

    You can claim up to a maximum of $60 in vouchers per 30 day period (provided you have enough points).

  12. The promoter is Word of Mouth Online Pty Ltd

    This promotion is covered under NSW permit number LTPM/08/00375. Please contact Word of Mouth by sending us a message here, or by phoning 1300 496 669 with any queries.

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