Reviews by soniat692

This review is for Shelly Removals & Storage, Clayton South VIC

10 Jan 2018

I have never had a more difficult moving experience and I have moved 3 times in the past 3 years.
On thier website it says you only send out trained and professional staff. Well the main guy was good but the other one, who seemed to have only 2 weeks experience was awful, he was slow, and did not seem to be able to do much without direction, he did not seem to be able to carry many items. To be moving from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom apartment one would expect it to take about 4 hours max but it took 9hours 15min. I have never paid so much for moving and I am extremely disappointed.
AND THE OTHER THING IS THAT I REALISE I PAIDED THE $100 DOLLARS DEPOSIT BUT WAS NOT CHARGED $100 dollars less. So they owe me $100 at the least and have not responded to my emails. I am sure they have crews who are much better and faster, it is not fair that I should have to pay hundreds of dollars extra for the incompetence of one of their staff.

And not only that, I was expected to pay 1/2 hour before they finished.... They estimated how much longer it would take. How can this be when the price is meant to be told charged per minute, it is like they deliberately took 30 min exactly . Not very good service!

Approximate cost: $1167

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