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This review is for Riddle Plumbing Electrical Heating Cooling, Elwood VIC

25 Jun 2013

Disconnect in a kitchen for a gas cook top, mixer tap and dishwasher tap.
Then the re-connection of a new gas cook top, new kitchen mixer tap with pull out spray, plumbing for a double bowl sink and new tap connection for a new dishwasher.

Company was easy to book over the phone and available at short notice. They turned up on time.

The disconnection was essentially putting end caps over the relevant pipes. 30mins work for $100.
Plumber forgot to remove the old tap for the dishwasher. They offered to return, but now realising how easy it was, I bought the $1.50 part and did it myself. (that should have been my warning)

Re-connection. What a complete shemozzle! A disaster! A complete waste of my time!
I'll save you the expletives I used and the excuses received.

Plumber arrives just after 8am and works until 9:30am. I'm told he needs to leave to get the materials to complete the job. Arrives back at 11:30am! (He travelled from Sth Yarra to Richmond).
Works until 1:30pm. I'm informed that a threaded hot water pipe needs cutting but does not have this tool, so would have to leave to go get one. 10 mins later I'm told his boss has informed him to leave as he has other jobs to complete. (Hmm, but you haven't finished here and I've taken the day off work for you). I'm informed he will be back soon.

Plumber arrives back at 6:30pm, leaving me for 5hrs with no running water! I'm now informed that he can't complete the job as he can't find a part to connect the pull out spray part of the tap to the water supply, and that he has been to several stores making enquiries. I'm told I may have a missing part or something wrong with the tap. (Thanks for telling me now. I've only been at home for 5hrs doing nothing and waiting for you! I could have called Abey Australia and made some enquiries!!)
Plumber leaves with the job incomplete. Message left with Riddle Plumbing to call me.

The next day I made my own enquiries with Abey Australia, showing photos of all the parts. I'm informed my plumber clearly has no idea how to assemble a tap with a pull out. (It's actually pretty clear on page 3 of the instruction manual, but anyway) To double check, I drive to the store where I purchased this “confusing” kitchen mixer tap (Armando Vicario Tink D, for those that are curious) I'm shown all parts and how it is assembled. I call Riddle Plumbing to explain the situation. I'm informed the Plumber will complete the job in his own time.

I arrive home to find the new dishwasher tap connection is leaking into my new kitchen carcass! Plumber arrives back at his earliest, 6pm that night, to finish the job, after I show him how to put the 4 parts together ( the pull out connects back into the tap, NOT to the water supply)

I'm then given a bill for $730, of which $170 is for parts. Another call to Riddle Plumbing, asking to explain what I've just endured and to see the receipt for the parts I essentially paid for. I'm told they don't have to provide them. (I'm sure they would at VCAT) A lovely conversation took place and bill reduced to $500, which I still think is a joke after the incompetence and inconvenience I had to put up with.

Not knowing how to put a certain type of tap together, you can kind of deal with, though I thought I called a professional, but leaving my place for 5 hrs to go and complete your other jobs is totally inexcusable and ridiculous, resulting in this warning for others.

Approximate cost: $600

This review is for Tongue N Groove, Richmond VIC

24 Jun 2013

Supplied European Oak - engineered timber. (Otta from their range) To be installed floating in an apartment.

Negotiated the best price against 3 other companies.
Helpful and friendly staff.
Product arrived within the specified time.
The timber is more delicate than I thought.
The end result looks amazing.
Very happy dealing with this company.

Approximate cost: $4700

This review is for TTI Stone - Terrazzo Marble Granite, Thomastown VIC

24 Jun 2013

Installation of kitchen bench tops, into an apartment.

Showroom store was Created In Stone.

Marble (Black Tree) island bench top - waterfall sides, 60mm edges.
Verona Quartz - 60mm edges, cut outs for the double bowl sink, tap and gas cook top. This was the whitest engineered stone we found, and so much cheaper than Ceasar Stone.

You attend the warehouse and choose your slab. I was impressed with the attention to detail and the time spent with me and choosing how my island bench would look. It was critical to cut the stone so the ends book matched. They did this perfectly considering the pattern in the marble.
Installation day - Turned up on time. Everything fitted perfectly. Cleaned up, again attention to detail was fantastic. Took about 5 hrs. Couldn't be happier.

Approximate cost: $4700

This review is for Created In Stone, Richmond VIC

24 Jun 2013

New kitchen installation - Stone bench tops.

This store is a showroom where you can select the material for your project. I went to about 5 differnent stores and came back to Created in Stone as they offered the best price, advice, customer service and had the stone that I was after.

Stone selected was marble for an island kitchen bench top (3.7m in total, waterfall edges) and an engineered stone (Verona Quartz) for the rear kitchen benchtops (4.5m) The Stone came from TTI Stone, I will write a seperate review for them.

I would highly recommend this business.

Approximate cost: $4700

This review is for Victory Curtains & Blinds, Noble Park VIC

27 May 2013

Insallation of 4 roller blockout blinds-4 are motorised. Plus 3 Sheer curtains
This has been nothing but a drama!

The initial consulation to work out our needs was great. The guy provided good options and solutions where other companies couldn't be bothered. 4/5 Stars for that work.

But this has all been undone by the rest of their processes.
Told about a 4-5 week wait for installation. It took 8 weeks.

Installation you have to wait for a phone call the morning of from 8:30-9:30am, then you are given a time. I had to help the guy carry the stuff in. Then told he can't do the job as he needed another guy to help. (So why did you bother coming in the first place?) Called Victory to resolve issue and told they can come back out in 2 week time! Got them to come back in 2 days, and this time the tracking for the sheer curtain is too short! Another call to Victory, only to be told it would take a while. After 2 weeks of waiting I had to call again to find out what was going on. Replacement is to occur this week (3 weeks later) In the meantime one of the motorised blinds has failed several times and would appear it needs replacing. Another call to Victory, yet again no apology, and looks like this will be another drama to have it replaced!

Approximate cost: $6000

This review is for First For Flooring , Hampton VIC

09 May 2013

European oak floating floor laid in an apartment. Best price after numerous quotes. They were the only ones that would lift up the skirting boards, where others refused or was extra $$. The guys were friendly and helpful.

Approximate cost: $1300

This review is for Amalgamated Locksmiths, Collingwood VIC

09 May 2013

Installation of a new digital front door lock for my apartment door. Best price after calling many others. Turned up on time and cleaned up after themselves!

Approximate cost: $200

This review is for Wasted Rubbish Removal, Melbourne VIC

09 May 2013

Kitchen reno rubbish removed from my basement car parking area. Answered my calls, made a time, turned up on time, set a price. Fast friendly and efficient, where all the others just couldn't be bothered or their prices kept changing. Highly recommend.

Approximate cost: $200