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This review is for Bright Smile Dental Surgery, Mount Waverley VIC

21 Jan 2012

Went here to Dr Hem after bad experience with Dentist in Pinewood (intolerant of nervous child). What a difference, this was a great experience from a good dentist. Prices ok. Small practice but comfortable. We are new clients but very happy.

Approximate cost: $100

This review is for Finest Drop Cellars, Mount Waverley VIC

20 Apr 2011

Excellent range from a true liquor merchant, great advice and recommendations, tastings on Friday nights are great, they run a cellar group and provide the members with discounts. Great support for parties as well.

This review is for Sam's Fruit Shop, Mount Waverley VIC

20 Apr 2011

Good fruit. Great service. Not cheap nor expensive, you could very good quality fruit at reasonable prices.

This review is for Rose Of Thailand, Glen Waverley VIC

20 Apr 2011

We always have an excellent night here. The food is outstanding. Priced reasonably. The service can sometimes be a bit slow but they are lovely family people and get a break because of that. Good for couples or groups but if in a group get your order in early. Its really enjoyable.

Approximate cost: $20

This review is for Zest 89, Glen Waverley VIC

13 Jan 2011

The coffee at this cafe is great and as one other reviewer has said, it is very smooth and lacks the extreme bitterness of some. We have on occasion purchased food and it was very good and fresh. Normal pricing for the area which is not cheap but still reasonable. I love their chips in a bowl, perfectly cooked every time.

Approximate cost: $18-20

This review is for Frenchy's Bistro, Glen Waverley VIC

17 Jul 2010

Ordered a dish, sent it back as could not eat - tasted terrible. Wait staff replaced with soup to make up for problem. "Frenchies" then charged the full price of the initial order that was inedible. Most other diners in my group did not enjoy their meals. The two best reports were that it was just ok. This place is resting on a past reputation for good food and slow service. Now its poor food and slow service. Not worth the cost.

This review is for Waverley Cinema, Mount Waverley VIC

23 Aug 2007

A great little cinema with some very low prices for movies. Often the movies are shown just a bit behind the release at the big cinema complexes but price makes it worth the wait. Remember to sign up for the card to access the low prices.

This review is for High Street Road Animal Hospital, Mount Waverley VIC

20 Aug 2007

Our family dog has been looked after by this vet for the two years since we got him as a pup. They have been very good to deal with during the standard care and helping with an infection. The puppy school was well worth going to and has helped the dog be quite social with other dogs. They have an excellent grooming service.

This review is for Mt Waverley Fish and Chips, Mount Waverley VIC

20 Aug 2007

This is a good old fashioned Australian Fish and Chip shop. The food is reliably good. It seems there is a real dark art to getting fish and chips right and the owners here have it right. The potato cakes are great. Good prices, not upmarket.

This review is for Bunnings Warehouse, Box Hill VIC

20 Aug 2007

We are renovating at home and this store in the Bunnings network is better than the others. It is a reasonably new store and the staff have an excellent attitude, they are very helpful and provide sound advice. Some other Bunnings stores around this area have not provided the same high level of service and attentiveness.

Approximate cost: $2500