Reviews by claref7

This review is for Jack Purcell Meats, Virginia QLD

02 Jan 2015

Having been a Regular Customer for some years ... I find that the Staff are always friendly... and helpful...

The Quality and Value of the Meat supersedes any of the Supermarkets that I have previously tried...
For Friendly Service, Quality Meats at Affordable Prices... I cant do better than Jack Purcell's Butcher...

Approximate cost: $60.00

This review is for Brisbane Dental Studio, Clayfield QLD

02 Jan 2015

As a "Nervous Nellie" when it comes to Dentists... I would highly recommend Close Dental ... They go to great pains to ensure that you are able to cope with the experience... and they are not only helpful.. but efficient... polite and treat disabled Clients with Dignity.. Kindness and Patience... This practice surpasses all other Dental Experiences previously encountered...

Approximate cost: $300

This review is for Zest, Ascot QLD

27 Oct 2014

This casual resturant has an array of foods ranging from Vegatarian, to more substantial food.. I dine quite regularly at this resturant.. and have sampled their delicious Coffee and Cakes frequently.. This resturant... being near Coles in location attracts many diners... and is frequently very busy.. which matches the quality of the Good Food, Good Service, and a Friendliness that adds to its attraction..

This review is for Restaurant Manx, Hamilton QLD

27 Oct 2014

I have dined several times at this resturant... and found that the Service whilst welcoming... tends to be a little slow...
The Quality of the food is good, but the portions seem to have shrunk in the last 2 visits made .. The Value of the meal was quite good... and Overall, this is a pleasant Dining experience for those wanting a Smart, Casual experience with a touch of Class..
Indeed, overall I would recomend this resturant for those who expect a little more than the average, and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

Approximate cost: $25 - $35