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Reviews by kavinat

This review is for Dublin Fruit And Veg, Dublin SA

23 Apr 2014

called in to buy some potatoes for our camping trip. The girls loved the quality of the fruit and spent their pocket money on strawberries, cream and chocolates.
We were pleased to find the potatoes were class 1 and much cheaper than in the city. We were greeted upon entry and were served promptly, in a friendly way. A small family business that offers a great quality at a small price. Will call in here when traveling past in the future!

This review is for Caltex, Bolivar SA

23 Apr 2014

Stopped in here to get lunch on our way to camping. It was quite busy as it was the beginning of the Easter long weekend. There was plenty of room for all the many vehicles there, including many caravans being towed. The staff were swarmed with customers, but we all got served in a efficient and effective manner. There was a plentiful selection of hot foods My girls enjoyed chicken schnitzel burgers and milkshakes. Many items had specials like $3 each or 2 for $5. I got the medium hot chips for hubby and I, they were crisp, hot and delicious, the girls ate many as well.

Approximate cost: $2x milkshakes for $4.50

This review is for Port Parham Club, Parham SA

23 Apr 2014

A community run social club. Family friendly, fun place to eat, drink and enjoy music at. We stayed at the caravan park during the Easter long weekend, and enjoyed a stroll to the club for a delicious dinner and drinks for hubbies birthday. Saturday nights you get to pick from a menu, which covers all tastes at a variety of prices. Other nights only one item will be on offer @ $8.00 a meal. Sunday nights fish and chips were the best. Sad we didn't get to try the $8 steaks.

Approximate cost: $8.00

This review is for The Carlise Hotel, Ethelton SA

21 Feb 2014

We have been here a few times, and are never disappointed by the menu offers, or the prices or the service.
Hubby got a schnitzel that was the size of his plate, he needed a doggy bag lol.
I had the stir-fry vegetables with chicken and noodles, the sauce was a bit hot for me but was an enjoyable change.
Each day they have different specials, but the ample menu has something for everyone.
The staff are friendly and well dressed, service is excellent here.

Approximate cost: $15

This review is for Livin Color, Seaton SA

21 Feb 2014

My step-daughter wanted her hair styled for graduation, Hubby and I went around getting quotes, this was the only establishment that did not up the price when he heard it was for graduation.
We were quoted $35 to $50 for her straight hair to be curled, much better than the from $80 upwards.
The hair stylist was very friendly, worked quickly and did a fantastic job.
In the end he only charged me $40 for the 1.5 hours of work. The style was exactly what my step-daughter wanted so it was a win-win situation.
I will be going here again for sure!

Approximate cost: $depends on the job

This review is for Halfway Hotel, Beverley SA

21 Feb 2014

Date night dinner...
We were very disappointed with our meals here.
Having our schnitzels arrive 5 minutes after ordering was suspicious, pre-cooked?
The vegetables were hard and still slightly frozen, we pointed this out to a waitress who took our vegetables, "To get nice new ones." By the time our 'new' vegetables were brought to us our meat was almost all gone, and a bit cold from waiting.
We won't be going back here!

Approximate cost: $25

This review is for The Largs Pier Hotel, Largs Bay SA

21 Feb 2014

Hubby took me here for a night, we celebrated valentines day early ;)
The rooms are luxurious, providing everything you need for a night, weekend or week away from home.
The restaurant offers many delicious meals, with or without room service.
Check in after 2pm and check out by 10am, we asked and got to check out at 11am instead.
The staff are all very well presented and are friendly and approachable.
We loved our stay, enjoying a spa together and having drinks on the balcony watching the world go by. We will be going here again and again.
Many rooms available, including disabled access, apartments and luxury rooms.
A great feel to the stunning decor, history comes alive here!

Approximate cost: $220

This review is for Vapelover, Christies Beach SA

01 Oct 2013

A welcome different way to give up smoking... with an electronic cigarette.
We bought ours from the Gepps Cross Markets, but you can buy them on-line, or host a party.
The device is easy to use, and has many lovely flavours to choose from or mix together... I love the chocolate and my wife loves the coffee.
This is a great cigarette replacement system as it is fairly cheap and contains no nicotine.

Approximate cost: $40

This review is for Cash Busters, Woodville South SA

01 Oct 2013

The best place to go for some 'window shopping' with a great range of second-hand goods.
Bring your items in to sell to them or get a loan on them.
The place is packed full of great items at great prices

This review is for U Pull It, Lonsdale SA

19 Sep 2013

A great way to get discounted car parts, go to their warehouse find your make/model of car and take the parts off yourself, it is that easy.
You do have to pay for admission... $2.00, wear closed shoes and bring your own tools.
The price list for parts is well displayed before you go in, you can also find it at their web site.
This is one of the best ways to buy cheap second hand parts.