12 reviews about The Beauty And Brow Parlour

07 Feb 2017

I've been here a few times (Knox) and I've had more bad experiences than good ones. My latest experience has resulted in scabbing under my brows where the technician has rushed the job. She rushed trimming them as well so they look basically the same as before, but with blood spots underneath instead of hair. I've had enough and definitely will not be returning.
Previously, I've had my face threaded, advertised as $25, then at the counter being forced to pay $30. Whoever manages this chain/store is extremely slack in training their staff adequately. I urge you to not be sucked in by the prices because you truly get what you pay for.

Approximate cost: $10

04 Jan 2017

Underarm wax at Eastland caused severe redness and unbearable pain. Was offered a $15 refund when I complained. Staff insisted 3 times that I return to shop on the day of my father's funeral to speak to the manager. Was finally offered $100 compensation which was never paid. My letter of complaint posted to store has been returned to me unopened. Will be taking matter to Consumer Affairs.

02 Dec 2016

I've been to the Epping store twice now, the first time I asked for a light clean up, but to keep the thickness as I was growing my eyebrows out. I've been growing them out for a couple of months, and was so close to no longer having pointy arched brows. When she was finished I was so upset to find that I again had triangular pointy brows, that were huge and thick at the bridge of my nose and thin at the arch/tail. I also had them do my upper lip, I asked for them to be extremely careful of my lip piercing, both times my piercing was almost ripped out. I left in tears due to the pain but was still expected to pay the full price even though I couldn't stand the pain for them to finish the job.
The lady [redacted due to personal identifier] was unphased that she had hurt me numerous times and unapologetic with a "Err .. sorry?" Do yourself a favour, take your business elsewhere, the extra money you spend is well worth it.

Approximate cost: $20

18 Nov 2016

Would never recommend (fountain gate). Got my eyebrows threaded 2 weeks ago, broke out in a terrible rash just above my eyebrows, which is still there!! wouldn't wish this upon anyone. Plus, my eyebrows are now completely uneven. Worst experience.

16 Nov 2016

I went to get threading done for mums upper lips and chin at chadstone. They charged $20 instead of $18 as listed in their pamphlet. Service wise they weren't as friendly and just pointed where to go instead of saying come and have a sit. Not happy.

Approximate cost: $20

27 May 2016

I've been to the Ringwood store 3 times to get my eyebrows threaded, but I've never been happy with the results. They always leave hairs where they shouldn't be.
The last time I went here, the lady serving me was extremely rude, so I left straight away. I will never be going back there again!

anum511 29 Jul 2016 · 0% Trust

U should try thread bar at south wharf DFO
Might be bit far for you but u will get best service

23 Dec 2015

Never going to The Cranbourne one ever again, I asked the lady to keep the length and that i don't want my eyebrows to be pointy she didn't to any of that she kept giving excuses that she can't do anymore because it won't look good i have been to other places and they always do it how I ask them to, and to top it off she made my eyebrows look so horrible she rushed them now my eyebrows look so pathetic, they don't even look the same they both look different, I will never go back again to the Cranbourne store ever again

Approximate cost: $10

15 Nov 2015

Horrible service in chadstone..rude staff, they try to rush, no patience to listen to what customer ask for.

13 Aug 2015

I would NEVER recommend this place (Chadstone store). I went into get my perfectly shaped eyebrows tidied up and they absolutely destroyed them. Bits were removed from within my eyebrows, they were shaped really thinly, they were different sizes (and it was extremely obvious). It has completely ruined my face. 6 weeks later I have let them grow and they will never be the same, parts haven't grown back, they aren't growing back to their natural shape. Every time I look in the mirror it is all i notice. My advice to anyone looking for a place for their eyebrows is to go to a place where you have the same therapist who you know does a good job. These places are just factories and the therapists don't care about you.

You get what you pay for. I will never use their services again.

Approximate cost: $10

23 Jul 2015

Terrible! I was sucked in like many others by the nice looking shop front. I had booked an appointment. Sent an email previously to let them know the stuff I am getting done is because I am getting married next week. I want a half leg was and facial threading ( I have hormonal hair growth on the sides of my face/chin and neck area) she asked me in the wax room what I was having threaded. Then proceeded with my leg wax. Most painful one I have had and I can endure a lot of pain. Then she takes me out to the threading section. Proceeds to thread. Finishes. I tell her to go back and get the hairs off my face. Finishes. I tell her again. You have missed this section. Finishes. I ask her if she can see all the hair she is missing. She then tells me wading would be better but it's too late as she has turned the machine off. I say I will come back tomorrow then. She says no, 2 weeks. I say I am getting married next week. She does me again. I met my fiancé outside nearly in tears. I will have to shave my face as she wouldn't wax it. Still charged me for a full face thread and I still have a bloody beard!!!

Approximate cost: $65

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