18 reviews about Bunnings Warehouse

25 Jan 2018

Stafford is incredibly busy, but the staff are really helpful. I had to go to another Bunnings and it was much quieter, but the staff were nowhere near as helpful.

27 Nov 2016

How sad, even hardware has adopted the supermarket mentality, little or no customer service and prices that reflect their monopoly. Perhaps the saddest thing of all, is that we can no longer get great advice from professionals, instead, some vague response that could be better explained by Google. Sad!!!!

27 Aug 2016

Sheer volume of choice for all products. The team leaders in the garden section are above brilliant when I ever have a query and just so helpful in all aspects of their service. Today I needed to have some paint I bought yesterday toned down somewhat. A wonderful girl called Brooke went above and beyond the call of duty in her assistance. Overall the staff at Stafford are wonderful. Thankyou

22 Oct 2015

To the people who complain about the service at Bunnings. I too have have come across an employee who is only there for a job and only does enough to keep their job, however to complain about this and not give praise to the great customer service by other staff is extremely negative. Give these staff members the accolades when its deserved and you find the majority of staff will respond when they know that excellent customer service is appreciated.

On that note I have to state that my recent experience's at the Bunnings Narellan store have been delightful. In the last couple of months i have received customer service from this store that competitors would envy.

Kane and Rod in the trade area have both taken the time to provide helpful and accurate advice, Rod welcomes me every time with a smile and some sort of humorous comment.

Even on days when I know they have had a bad day (from rude customers) I still receive a warm welcome.

I don't normally comment on these sites but I get sick of the undeserved negative comments about Bunnings service.

Rod and Kane, you guys light up my day. It would be great if Rod was given the opportunity to teach the rest of the staff the finer points of customer service.

Many thanks to the Narellan team and good luck, many of us do appreciate your efforts in making our visit a pleasant experiance

Approximate cost: $2500

27 Jan 2015

A brief note to say thanks to Dan at the paint desk. I had a very small, but relatively complex request involving 2 small amounts of paint, both requiring colour matching. The matching machine was not working, but Dan quickly matched up both manually and sent me on my way with perfect matches. He was delightfully helpful and for the small amount of money involved, he went beyond the call of duty. It's what keeps me coming back.

Approximate cost: $30

08 Sep 2014

I find bunnings formula to work well. Their prices are almost always lower. For example, I bought some Arlec powerboards for $25 from Kmart thinking they were a good price, only to find them a few dollars cheaper at Bunnings. The service at Bunnings is variable as some are really friendly, some knowledgeable, but then sometimes they can be grumpy and unhelpful - luck of the draw i guess!

Approximate cost: $20

13 May 2012

always vhard to find staff here , huge warehouse plenty of parking , prices are good , finding someone with knowledge of product difficult

09 May 2012

Bunnings is as much an outing as a place to shop. From the sausage sizzle outside to the kids' playground and coffee shop inside, there's always lots to do, see and buy.

My biggest bug-bear here though is that it can be hard to find someone when you have a question. When you do, they're always helpful but when you're pushing a large trolley, you don't want to be traipsing up and down the aisles looking for help. If there could be a 'doorbell' system at the end of each aisle with a light to indicate where a customer needs help, this would go a long way to improving customer service.

I dislike not being given a bag with my purchases. Parking is good. I find the no-right-turn on to Stafford Rd situation annoying but you can go through the back way via Windorah St.

02 May 2012

Bunnings is always a pleasureable experience.
however, this is my favourite.
great staff, easy to navigate and always willing help you. get in there!

Approximate cost: $150

09 Aug 2011

I needed som glass for a shelf in our shop. The directions at the front door were a bit vague. I asked a young man cruising the Builders Hardware setion, and his service and attention was outstanding. His name badge said CARLO. He helped me with my purchase, got a trolley (it was heavy), escorted me to the door and found a helper to get it into my car. Outstanding service.

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