15 reviews about Burger Edge

02 Oct 2017

Finally a burger shop where you get what you pay for. The portion size is very generous and the burgers taste delicious. The staff are always in a good mood and try their best to get your order out to you as quick as they can.

25 May 2017

Good place for a quick bite to eat. Burgers are decent, better than other fast food chains. Burgers are HUGE so arrive hungry.

16 Aug 2015

Thumbs down.

I ordered the mushroom vegetarian burger delivered - their were two (very small) mushrooms in the middle of the bun with a lot of lettuce and some sauce. Nothing else. The chips were tasty but expensive for such a small serve.
One friend had a burger and the other had a lamb kebab, and both were very happy with theirs, but as a vegetarian, I won't be ordering again from there.

Approximate cost: $10

16 Jul 2014

My friend and I were in the city and wanted something filling, so came here. We tried the Original Edge which is beef and the Plain and Simple which is a chicken and salad. There are other sides you can have too and a vegetarian option. We also got chips and a drink. Burgers were good and filling and not too badly priced. Some of the fancier options are a little expensive though. And as far as the address above, I think it's on Level 2 in the dining hall at Melbourne Central. Would come again.

Approximate cost: $10 - 15

22 Jun 2013

very grilldesque, cheaper burgers but oddly enough it gets you full i tried the feel the cheese burger and it was forgettable but i remember being full and dnot being able to finish it so it was quite worth the money

05 Mar 2013

Great burger place for the CBD (close to work). Better burgers than the regular chain outlets and good size too. With fries and drink (+$6 large) makes a very filling meal. Favourites are the chicken Parma burger and the beef Okker or Meat Lover.

Megan5 12 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

Useful review.

28 Aug 2012

better than mc'ds!!!!! burgers are cooked infront of ur eyes. they are actually too big (and i like big burgers!). recommended.

MazB35 02 Sep 2012 · 100% Trust

I agree they are yum burgers :)
have you tried grill'd? they are also delicious and freshly cooked to order :)

12 Feb 2009

Sadly not the great burgers that I had been told they were. Not very good value for money as $9-10 for a burger that isn't much better than a fast food one. I think I will stick to my local fish and chip shop. Sorry but I cant recommend.

Approximate cost: $13

23 Oct 2008

Based on other WOMOW recommendations I went here in search of the elusive holy grail, a great burger in the CBD. While it is a pretty good burger, I went for the "Okker" on turkish as the closest thing to a traditional burger with the lot, it is still not a "great burger".

The meat patty had the wrong texture, it was too finely ground and tasted too processed or sausage like. There was a little bit of lettuce, not normal lettuce but the gourmet stuff but not enough of it to actually matter which made me wonder why they bothered. The onion was raw as was the thinly sliced tasteless tomato. The Pineapple also appeared to be cold. The speed the burger came out indicated that while it was assembled to order, it was not cooked to order and the patty quality had suffered accordingly. There was also too much mayonnaise compared to the amount of tomato sauce and the sauce was overpowered.

Still, it is currently the best burger I have found in the CBD to date.

Approximate cost: $9.90

02 Aug 2008

They make very tasty burgers and they are HUGE! I find it difficult to get through the whole burger. Their chips are also very yummy. A very satisfying meal!

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