12 reviews about Caffe Moravia

16 Dec 2012

Not a huge fan - I used a voucher to try this local restaurant. I found the service was very very slow and when I questioned the staff after almost an hour (and after patrons who arrived later were already served) staff were uninterested and dismissive. The food was average when it did come and it was very noisy - with so many other great cafes in the area I think they need to lift their game.

30 Jul 2012

Attended here with the aid of a voucher, however, this does not excuse our experience encountered.

We arrived at 7:00pm. Other tables arrived at 7:05pm, 7:10pm, 7:15pm, and 7:20pm, all using the same deal. By 7:30pm, all four of these latter arrivals had received their Antipasto Platter. It took until 7:46pm until we received ours. When we asked to speak to the manager he checked with the kitchen, and was advised it was an 'honest mistake' and our platter had gone to the wrong table. When we asked what he'd do by way of recompense, he offered us 'a coffee each'. Not coffee and cake, of a free beer or something of decent value. A paltry coffee. Woeful.

Eventually, our mains arrived. They were OK. Not earth-shatteringly good, just OK. They, by the way, arrived by 7:57pm, which was 26 minutes later than the next table had received theirs by.

At no point were we offered the opportunity to order/purchase more drinks, or anything else.

The entire experience was appalling, and I don't intend to go back to this place, voucher or not. Also, my wine glass did not appear entirely clean.

26 Jul 2012

This is nicely decorated cafe which we visited for a quick dinner whilst in the area.

I had fish and chips which was okay (nothing fancy but passable as an ok meal).

The wait staff on duty that evening were very friendly and enjoyed having a chat as it was not too busy.

29 Apr 2012

Came for dinner with a friend. Very friendly service. Food was great too. Nice and laidback atmosphere.

04 Nov 2011

The food is okay, but they are unhygienic and do not seem to wash their glasses properly. The coffee is average.

04 Nov 2011

Went there for breakfast a couple of times. The servings are pretty big. It's a great place to go with friends. The atmosphere is really relaxing and the staff are friendly.

Approximate cost: $12

05 Sep 2010

The food was probably just passable, but the service was not. As an overall experience it was disappointing. Most staff are casuals with little or no idea. Meals did not come out correctly, not did the drinks. The service was also slow and the atmosphere very loud - not ideal for a leisurely Sunday brunch or lunch.

Approximate cost: $20

08 May 2010

Fabulous coffee and the strawberry tart was perfect. I hadn't been to Moravia in years, but I will definitely be returning. We were all very happy with it.

05 Nov 2009

Good place for meeting up with friends for a coffee & cake. The dinner meals are average, but for breakfast/lunch and coffee/cakes it's a great place to sit around and eat leisurely. Relaxing environment.

22 Sep 2009

The food is all really good here with heaps of varied dining options that will suit anyone. I would especially recommend trying all the various cakes, they're delicious. However, the service can be a bit slow and because of how busy this cafe is it's not exactly a relaxing experience. As well as this, it is very expensive for a cafe.

Approximate cost: $20

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