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27 Jan 2016

In my experience, there are no catteries in Sydney that even come close to Divine Creatures!
We have left our 3 kids at DC on a couple of occasions, their first time was for a long stay of four weeks. Upon drop off, we were greeted at the door by Jules, who helped us all inside. She didn't make us feel neurotic or crazy for bringing all of our cats belongings with us, as we wanted them to feel as 'at home' as possible. She was patient and understanding, and gave us as much time as we needed to set the kids up in their room.
She just gets it, not only is she a genuine animal and cat lover herself, she understands how to run a solid business with an uncompromising level of consistent quality and service. The team who work at DC are all wonderful, and truly care.
We received so many photos of our kids in their room and in the play room, it was such a relief to know that they were happy and settled. We received emails about their progress, and it was so refreshing to hear little bits about their individual personalities, it showed us that the girls had really taken the time to get to know them.
I can't recommend Divine Creatures highly enough :)

20 May 2017

Our cats were very well looked after by the good team at Divine Creatures over Easter. We were sent photos of the cats when we enquired abou their stay. The cattery was very clean and we don't bother packing their usual Royal Canin kibbles because that's what they're given anyway. I like that there's an option to get them play time at the jungle gym, away from their sleeping area. Highly recommend Divine Creatures for anyone who is looking for a cattery! They'll be in good hands.

19 May 2017

It was my kitten's 1st stay there so I was nervous and worried about being away from her and her missing all her comforts, play and cuddles, but I felt very comfortable there when we checked her in. Her condo was a decent size, and I like that she didn't have the smells of the litterbox and that she had a separate sleeping room. On pickup day my kitten looked so relaxed and at home there.

17 May 2017

Our 2 cats love staying at Divine creatures. Our girl Liza loves hiding in her bed they provide and sometimes doesn't want to leave. They love to stay in Paris and Africa suites which suit two cats. The ladies are very friendly and caring.
Neil Wessel

05 May 2017

We booked our very dear old cat Bob recently into a New York apartment. When he was picked up he was snoozing on a pillow in the sun and looked very content. His coat was shiny and he was very relaxed. He enjoyed having his own apartment without the stress of other younger male cats around. He can get a bit cranky at home but this time he was a very happy chappie. Well done Divine Creatures

04 May 2017

Beautiful facility with staff that really DO care about your cat! Everything always super clean and tidy, and great feedback & photos sent to you while you are away. They also usually have rescue cats & kittens available for adoption, so please consider them when looking for a new furry friend.

03 May 2017

Our two babies are enjoying a 6 month vacation from their parents. We miss them terribly but divine creatures takes such good care of their guests that we feel comforted and aided that they are not only taken care of, but loved as well. We can visit them anytime we want and they are very happy with lots of space, a jungle themed play room and loads of attention and care from the qualified staff. 6 months is a long time to be away from loved ones and we wouldn't have them stay anywhere else. Thanks divine creatures!! :)

02 May 2017

Our kitties Yubyub and Bruno had they first staycation at Divine Creatures earlier this year. They were very well looked after and enjoyed their holiday there tremendously. The condos were spacious and clean. Divine Creatures also sent us photos of the kids playing in the jungle gym which was a really nice gesture as we had missed them heaps by then. Bruno had a wound from fighting with his sister and the girls monitored it and made sure it was healing well. They were very knowledegable and went above and beyond to recommend what we could do to make our fur babies a little more settled at home. They were in no hurry to leave when we went to pick them up, giving the girls lots of cuddles. Divine Creatures has been the best accommodation we have put our cats in so far and will definitely come back!

21 Apr 2017

So lovely and genuinely caring about the kitties in their care! Thank you Divine Creatures (and Bree!) for a wonderful first experience. S and V Cat came back looking sleek and happy, we will definitely be back!

07 Apr 2017

The care and knowledge was exceptional.could not say enough in praise compared to my cat,s previous experience at another establishment.
I have already booked another two stays.

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