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8 reviews about DPM Performance

19 Feb 2015

Since starting with DPM in August 2014 I'm achieving my fitness goals and living a completely different healthy life style after years of attempting (and failing). The training sessions are awesome and every session is different. Daniel is a great trainer and extremely supportive. I highly recommend DPM!

DPM Performance 20 Feb 2015

thank you Briarna - love having you on board!

15 Jun 2014

I have trained with DPM Performance for the past 7 years. In that time I have found the sessions to be fun, interesting and tailored to my ability. The sessions have a wide and varied variety of exercises which ensure the exerciser and/or muscles will not be bored. We all have a goal to be fitter, stronger and healthier each year, DPM Performance ensures these goals are reached in a fun & friendly environment.

DPM Performance 16 Jun 2014

thanks Stella appreciate having you on board

15 Jun 2014

Daniel Munday (DPM Performance) runs great training sessions for individuals and groups. His point of difference is that he gets to know all the people he works with and encourages, motivates and supports them to achieve their goals. He uses positive psychology to motivate people to be their best. I have been part of his group for seven years!!! I Highly recommend DPM Performance.

DPM Performance 16 Jun 2014

thanks Sue appreciate your feedback!

14 Jun 2014

Dan is great. I have been training with Dan for over 3 years. I feel motivated to come to my scheduled classes as well as working towards my fitness goals. I like the group training sessions which make me feel motivated to come as well as improving my fitness.

Approximate cost: $135

DPM Performance 16 Jun 2014

thanks Cheryl for your words!

11 Jun 2014

Daniel is a trainer that goes above and beyond the typical trainer. He is truly passionate about the industry. The workouts are highly variable and has been able to amend workouts based on fitness levels, injuries etc.

The group sessions are a great size and daniel has the skills to feel as though it is a one on one session.

I would recommend DPM to anyone who asks.

After being out of action from a fairly strenuous training regime following a serious injury, the transition back into training was made very easy with dan. After 6 months i was back to my original level of fitness and have been able to maintain it over the long term.

Approximate cost: $199 per month

DPM Performance 12 Jun 2014

thanks Scot appreciate your words!

11 Jun 2014

I originally joined Dan's morning classes last April in order to get fit enough to walk the Kokoda Track which I achieved last September. It was a really extremely hard trek and I owe Dan for getting me there. Dan's classes massively increased my overall cardio fitness as well as a great improvement in leg strength, upper body strength and ongoing core strength. Dan encourages everyone to work at their own pace but subtly brings you up to speed with the rest of the class which is an extremely rewarding achievement. Dan is a very professional and knowledgeable operator who provides something different everyday so the routines never become boring. Since completing Kokoda I have returned to Dan's classes because not only do I have a lot of fun but enjoy the feeling of being healthy and energetic all the time. Highly recommended.

DPM Performance 12 Jun 2014

thanks Dave appreciate your words

11 Jun 2014

I have been training with Dan for over 5 years and cannot overstate how happy I am with the service and the results. Dan listens to your objectives and then tailors the training towards your goals. If you're prepared to put in the effort, Dan will support you every step of the way. I have happily recommended him to friends.

DPM Performance 11 Jun 2014

cheers Dan appreciate it - great having you on deck the last 7 years

10 Jun 2014

DPM Performance offers a great outdoors fitness training that is targeted at your individual needs. Daniel, is a great personal trainer, highly motivated and experienced and helps you achieve your goals in an energetic but healthy way. I have been using DPM Performance for my fitness training for nearly 2 years and no one training session is ever the same. As part of a group or individually, we box, do circuit training, abs, cardio and all round training that leaves you feeling invigorated and ready for the day. Beats the gym any day and I would highly recommend it!!!

DPM Performance 11 Jun 2014

thanks Aisha! I appreciate your support. It is great to have you on board Team DPM

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