15 reviews about Dr Lionel Steinberg

11 Apr 2018

Had my first child with Lionel Steinberg, then numbers 2 and 3 with really lovely, caring professionals. I was humiliated, spoken down to and disrespected by him. Have heard many stories of clinical negligence by Lionel Steinberg which have left women with ongoing problems. He ignored my complaints of postpartum pain for 3 weeks (which turned out to be a cyst the size of a tennis ball), until I ended up in an ambulance to emergency. He might claim to have a low cesarean rate, but he's definitely pro intervention (by his own admission). I wish there was a zero star rating just for Lionel Steinberg.

17 Jan 2016

Lionel helped me achieve a wonderful VBAC with my second child. Most other obs I spoke to said I would most likely have a cesarean again, which was an awful experience for me with my first. I highly recommend Lionel if you are keen on a natural birth, he won't make a cut unless necessary. Just don't mind his bedside manor, he tells it how it is and won't sugar coat anything. We loved him.

13 Jan 2015

Lionel has been incredible. With our first pregnancy he was optimistic even though I ended up miscarrying. We was pleasantly surprised and comforted when, prior to our first appointment the receptionist gave us his home number just in case. We ended up using it when things went south and he was there even on the weekend to advise us.
Prior to my current pregnancy Lionel was happy to prescribe medication to help us conceive and provide blood results over the phone over several months - without once asking me to come in for an appointment. I don't think many other doctors would do the same. When we had a scare we went in for a scan the same day, and we will continue doing so as often as we feel we need to, for our peace of mind. Even though the location isn't ideal for us, we'll go wherever Lionel is. And yes, he has a particular style and won't hold your hand and do the midwife thing, but he will be caring and give you all the time and attention you need.

16 Apr 2014

He is an amazing OB. I started seeing him after 2 m/c and he was fantastic. When I fell pregnant again he started seeing me from 7 weeks and giving me weekly scans (his suggestions for my peace of mind). I had PE develop at 37 weeks and he had my baby out naturally within 48 hours of first symptoms.
My second baby had many issues through labour and the midwives were preparing me for a suspected c section however Lionel still got my baby out naturally and with only a graze (4kg baby too!).
I love his personality. He honestly never made anything seem like too much trouble (even with spotting I would call him and he would see me and give me a scan within 20 minutes). I can not recommend him highly enough and I know with any other OB I would have had 2 C-sections.

08 Jun 2012

I had my kids with Lionel 15/and 17 years ago. He was a sensational doctor all the way through my pregnancy and the births. He listened, comforted, was straightforward in what I needed to do and extremely talented and professional in all he did. I loved his sense of humour. I missed my regular visits once the babies were born. Being a new mother didn't come stress free for me. But even post birth Lionel was still very available on the phone to calm me down. All these years on he is still my doctor and he gets more fun to see every year. He is an outstanding very caring doctor. Don't hesitate to see him.

16 Jan 2012

Another lady with a complicated pregnancy, lost my first at 20 weeks in public system, care was a nightmare. Spent my first appoint with Lionel crying my eyes out, he was great. I am now on my 3rd baby with a cervical suture and Lionel is an old friend. Memory like an elephant, remembers things about my history without even looking at my notes. Always greets me personally when he sees me in waiting room. As for mannerisms I guess he can be brusque, but once you get to know him he is lovely and will sit and chat as long as you like, and the passion he feels for his job is evident, especially for woman like me who he really helps and without who's help may never have a family let alone 3 kids.Reminds me to ring anytime and have taken occasional shameless advantage when I am worried.

06 Mar 2010

The birth of my baby boy with Dr Lionel Steinberg.


I chose Dr Lionel Steinberg to delivery My Baby Boy,16 yrs ago.I had been going to the Mercy,publicly as I couldn't get time off work,& I could go there
b4 work.Dr Steinberg was 1 of the dr's that worked at the Mercy,I thought he had a very good bed side manner,so when I gave up work 8 wks b4 I was 2 deliver,I went 2 c him privately.I was booked in 2 deliver my son on Saturday 12th,but on Tuesday 8th I had a bleed,so I rang the Dr & I meet him in the Hospital,& he decided 2 induce me.I was fully dilated.I ended up having a epidural,that went wrong,the anaesthetist apparently went 2 far in 2 the epidural space,I had all sorts of problems.All sorts of problems started 2 happen.I didn't realize my son was in the posterior position.My son got stuck & was under alot of stress,they needed 2 get him out in a hurry,they used forceps,suction & more,as well as being cut from 1 end 2 the other,eventually
Dr Steinberg got him out,he was a flat baby,so he had 2 work on him straight away,but then I was bleeding badly,so he had 2 hurry up and stitch me up.I think I went to hell & back that day.I didn't sleep for 3 days & nights.I think I was in shock,after all I went through,and thats just the begining.I ended up with having 2 have a blood patch as the epidural went wrong,massive headaches,and hard 2 lie down.Then there was part of the sack left inside of me,so I had to have a D&C.Then I ended up with golden staph.I have had 2 have 2 or 3 vaginal reconstuctions,and a full hysterectomy with both my ovaries also having 2 be removed.16 yrs later I am still having operations 2 try and fix up things,so that I can have some sort of normality in my life.What I have written here is only a little of the problems that went wrong,& a little of the problems that I have had fixed.So it is not always good to have a vaginal birth & that is what Dr Lionel Steinberg is known 4,they call him Vaginal Lionel.Why on earth he didn't give me caesarean section,I will never know ???
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????
I am just glad I have 1 beautiful son!!!

Approximate cost: $not sure,but I did pay the bill,why,I don't know.WHY?

22 Jul 2009

Would not have gone anywhere else. Had a difficult pregnancy, bleeding and complete best rest at 24 weeks. Saw him twice a day when in hospital and phone calls whilst resting at home in between visits to him at his rooms. I have medical background and felt completely comfortable all the time. Ended up with a high intervention labour and delivery - but worth every bit when I have a healthy baby. My only regret is I no longer live in Melbourne but am still considering him for my next bub.

03 Mar 2009

I have endometriosis and have had it for many years without knowing I had it as I didn't have much pain. Dr Steinberg was thorough and professional in every way and the treatment prescribed to me has, so far been the best for me. I will recommend him to anyone-he is an excellent doctor - very direct but has the patient's best interests in mind!

Lisad1 01 Aug 2009 · 60% Trust

Have just seen him again for a check-up. Apart from his excellent skills as a doctor, have to comment on his somewhat unusual sense of humour and personality-just love it! Trust him and his skills-he is the best!

11 Nov 2008

I just miscarried my 2nd pregnancy at 16 weeks a very emotional & traumatizing experience, still trying to get over it.It is hard, but as Lioniel says 'chin up'. Lionel delivered my 1st child 4 years ago & I wouldn't have gone any where else. Its amazing how many ladies have different views & opinions about him. Get over yourselves. You have chosen him so you must have a special bond & trust. I have from day one & never looked back. I have been through an emotional roler coster for the last 18months trying to concieve & then a miscarriage. No one deserves this. Lionel has always been there through the ups & downs. Always ready to listen to any problem or even a stupid question. Yes he will always answer. You can count on him any time or day. He will lift your spirits when you are feeling down. He is not rude he is doing his job & he very good at it. I have no hesitations on reccomending Lionel. For my family he is special to us. He has a great attitude & you can trust him 100%. Women worry & compare too much about others think about yourself & your family that is what is important. Pregnancy is scary & important to your life when it happends so enjoy it it is an amazing experience. If you are going to winge about cost go public! $$$ money isn't everything. Your & health & the baby is more important. Yes he may look tired & exhausted, well hey he probably is. I feel sorry for him his job is 24/7. Just stop & think about that.
Good luck!

Lisad1 04 Jan 2009 · 60% Trust

Has anyone had any experience with Lionel Steinberg performing a hysterectomy?

Stelz 25 Aug 2010 · 50% Trust

Belinda..I absolutely understand how you feel..I just miscarried my 1st pregnancy and Dr Lionel performed the suction currette for me. He was absolutely professional and caring (I was shocked that he called me the next day to see how I was feeling). I must mention though that he is a bit straight forward and hence if you're not the type of person that can accept it then it may be hard to build a relationship with him. For me and my husband, we really like him and if i do fall pregnant again, he'll definitely be our obs!

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