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21 Feb 2017

Went here for lunch for my wedding anniversary, it was beautiful. The service is so professional and friendly. Food quality superb! Expensive but SO worth it.

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22 Mar 2016

Delicious food, amazing and friendly service, and classy and laid back setting. It is rather expensive but suitable for special occasions, because its high class. i love their crispy chicken dish

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14 Aug 2015

I can only agree with the other reviewers. This is one of the world's most unique and fabulous restaurant experiences, comparable only to Flower Drum Restaurant Melbourne. The creativity in the food preparation and the way it is served are beyond belief. The taste of the food is remarkable. Like other reviewers here, I could go on and on. It is incredibly wonderful. You will never have another experience like it. Recommended to all!

09 Aug 2015

For special occasions when you really want a fancy night out Flower Drum is perfect, the food is amazing

03 Dec 2014

super expensive but not really fancy dining, great tasting food though heaps of variety and good quality as well

good chinese food place to go to if you're feeling peckish and deserving of a treat

16 Aug 2014

This is easily the best chinese meal I have ever had. Right from the moment you walk in when you are greeted and led to the restaurant the service and atmosphere is amazing. On a friends recommendation we had the banquet and every dish was an absolute winner. The whiting, crab in its shell and steak with pepper sauce stand out. The steak is still the best steak I have ever had and literally melted in my mouth. I will definitely be back and would like to try the egg rolls as my wife used to eat them all the time. Definitely check this out for an elegant chinese meal.

17 May 2014

I had a birthday dinner at the Flower Drum where I created a personalised banquet menu for my group. I just emailed a the items that I wanted and they put it all together for me. They even printed personalised menus for our table which was a lovely touch.
I must say the toffee apple for dessert was the highlight of the night - with the peking duck a very close second.
All in all a wonderful evening.

Approximate cost: $40

11 May 2013

I went to the Flower Drum with a group from work. I had a banquet meal so we got to try a bit of everything. The food was really delicious and I tried things I had never eaten before in my life. This place is really expensive. Loved the atmosphere. It is not an everyday dining place to go. It is more formal and yes expensive!

12 Mar 2013

We used to be regulars at this place many moons ago. We returned from the "wilderness" after a few years wondering what to expect when some friends decided to shout us lunch at this gourmet bastion of Chinese Cantonese Cuisine.

The lunch menu is based on seasonal availability of ingredients and allows you to select any two, three or four items from its entree, mains, and desserts. You can, if you want select three mains and are not limited to how you mix and match.

Whilst having such great variety seemed like a great idea, we felt that with many dishes we could find similar quality elsewhere. For example, the Peking duck pancakes were filled quite sparingly with duck meat and skin, although I'd say more duck meat instead of skin. This means that the pancake itself will lack the crispy texture of the duck skin flowing through and the softness of the bread takes over with the meat. Other dishes included steaks, crispy chicken, and some vegetarian offerings.

Whilst the ingredients showcased how "fresh is best", it still lacked the panache and excitement of the Flower Drum of old. Yes the food is good, very good, but when you're in the top echelons of gourmet/luxury foods, you expect Flower Drum to go just that bit higher and take your taste buds and expectations of gourmet to another level. The fixed lunch also came with a bowl of fried rice. Again, the rice contained large pieces of prawn fried eggs, some spring onion and that was about it! I did not expect fried rice to be so plain in such an establishment.

Approximate cost: $75

REDMARTINI 06 May 2013 · 100% Trust

I love how descriptive your review is! I would give them a try, but I now know what to expect, and what to avoid ordering.

17 Dec 2012

Finally made it to The Flower Drum to experience what all the hype is about. We had an excellent experience - and yes, though it was pricey, it was worth it (even if just once!). I found the menu hard to navigate so we went for the banquet, the small 4 course one. PLENTY of food, wowza. So in that sense it was good money for value, in terms of pricey fancy dining.
Drinks were waaaaay pricey though - a glass of wine costing as much as a cocktail.
Service was impeccable. Very well taken care of. Ambience was nice, if not a little bit stuck in the 1980's.

Approximate cost: $130

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