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29 May 2018

If you're looking for a bad customer experience look no further than Gameduds.

Arrogant morons who really don't know much and certainly don't know anything about customer service!

Avoid frustration, do a local search and there are better alternatives around the corner

Approximate cost: $45

carls389 04 Aug 2018 · 0% Trust

The director is Dorian Roland Bussenius

06 Aug 2015

Horrendous joke of an excuse for customer service! Manager and staff tell you the complete opposite of what the manufacturer tells you and they aren’t prepared to lift a finger to show the slightest amount of decency towards you.

Purchased a Samsung monitor that had a hardware issue with it that I was told was a common problem with that particular model. Attempted to return the monitor to GameDude who told me to call Samsung and that the process was told by Gamedude that that the retailer does not handle warranties within 12 months of purchase. Called Samsung on the spot who told me entirely the opposite of what I was told by Gamedude staff. Samsung told me to leave the monitor with the retailer and that this was the normal process. I insisted on leaving the monitor there on that advice from Samsung.

The next day the manager of Gamedude told me they would not handle the monitor at all and was completely rude, he told me that it was impossible for them to process a warranty claim (A COMPLETE LIE!). I called Samsung again and told them the situation and they were concerned that a retailer selling their products would behave in such a way. Samsung then called GameDude to reiterate that they could in fact handle a warranty claim and that this was the normal process.
Samsung however, offered Gamedude a compromise where they would simply drop the monitor off at Australia Post (which is basically a block or two away from Gamedude) and that they would handle it, but they even refused this. I called Gamedude just again to really hear from them that they wouldn’t even drop the monitor off around the corner to be done with it and the manager was completely callous and not prepared to lift a finger at all. I don’t have a car and had to borrow one just to drop the monitor off in the first place. So i thought his attitude was disgusting.

What a complete joke and a disgusting company. Don’t buy anything from them unless you want to be lied to about the warranty process. The Samsung rep I spoke with has put an official report on Gamedude to head office about their disgraceful handling of this, hopefully they won't be able to sell Samsung products in the future. They had every opportunity to deal with this in a matter that was agreeable but chose not to and were callous about it, that's the only reason i'm leaving this review.

No doubt Gamedude will get online and reply to this comment spewing out lies and bs regarding the situation, like I’ve read them replying to other customers. Guys when will you get it? This just makes you look stupid and worse.

01 Jun 2011

These guys definitely are the place to shop for gaming supplies. They know their stuff and are willing to help. It does help to have an idea of what you want first though

Approximate cost: $60

markh40 13 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

I agree you need to know what you are looking for. Prices are not bad though.

raym9 17 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

It does help to have some knowledge.

01 Oct 2010

Very good prices, but you have to order online and go pick up the stuff. You need to know what you want though.

GameDude 22 Dec 2010

You are not required to order online to be able to shop in store. We have a large range of products on hand you can access easily just by asking one of our sales staff.

12 Jun 2010

I have been shopping here for the past 6 years. The staff are friendly and always willing to help. The lines are quite long I suggest if you don't want to wait then don't go at lunch time or after 3pm as these are the busiest times.

17 May 2010

These guys will help you out no matter what. At first i was apprehensive but once i had learnt that it was my son that did not know how to build a computer the guys there offered to send the part away under warranty and helped educate me. Being nasty never got anyone anywhere, these people are here to help and they did a great job, Thanks Gamedude!

Approximate cost: $2000

23 Nov 2009

Would never return there after being a 10 year Vetran of the place, totally disgusted with the attitude of staff who claim second hand parts exist simply when you don't install them.

Approximate cost: $1500 a year

19 Nov 2009

After purchasing from there for over 10 years, the final nail drove into the coffin when a cashier never explained what I was actually buying was a Micro ATX motherboard asked for return on non-touched motherboard, was told no 2nd hand, it never entered a case. More stories echo same. So long Game dude.

Approximate cost: $1500 a year

04 Sep 2009

Have most items you need but be prepared for a long wait in a queue. Staff really know there business and are polite and patient when you are not sure what you need.

28 Nov 2008

The few times I have been there, the service could have improved. If you go there for computer parts then this is an ideal place but do check they have it instore online first then get it. It takes forever to get computer gear fixed up.

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