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19 Feb 2015

Its the RACV, we all know how good they have been for years and they seem to continue to excel.

Maybe its because when I need them it is an emergency or maybe it is because they are always friendly and happy to help.

What ever it is, they are just brilliant!

26 Nov 2013

the amount of times ive needed these guys in emergencies is unreal,they always show up straight away i have never had to wait long and their service is fantastic,ive called them for all things from changing a tyre to flat batteries ,cant recommend them enough

24 Oct 2013

too many experiences to count....RACV Total care is un-live-without-able, especially as my car gets longer in the tooth. . Thanks to all the mechanics and toweys who have helped me out over the years.

Approximate cost: $187

25 Aug 2013

Every time i have used my racv membership has been a waste. I purchased total care so i could be covered in anyones car i was driving. I was failed many times with this promise. While driving my own car i was failed twice! Once i sat for 3 hours while waiting for a simple tow from the man who was so far away i could have walked to his shop & he didnt have a simple ford radiator hose on hand which is a pretty standard part! The 2nd time i was left for 5 hours because the local guy didnt want to tow me the 5kms home & instead told racv at the last minute he didnt want to do it & to palm it onto a company that had to travel over an hour to get me. Once the truck turned up racv had given them the wrong details (wrong registration number (gave my boyfriends registration number) wrong car colour (described as green when my car is white), wrong name (had given my boyfriends name) & wrong problem!(said my radiator hose had blown when it was infact my transmission line had failed)

sandrad171 26 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Interesting review... Thanks for that.

11 Aug 2013

thank you racv for starting my sisters car and for fixing the battrey in it and for toweing it back to a mechanie and for your kindness and for your short amount of time for makeing me wait thanks racv

11 Aug 2013

Thankyou RACV for saving me! Forgot to get someone to start my car regularly when I went overseas and thankfully the RACV was there to restart my car when I returned to a flat battery!

10 Aug 2013

A service every car owner needs. Always been very promt to come and when my car has failed. Towing services ect. Staff are friendly and helpful. Different roadside assistance plans to suit your needs. Racv also offer insurance and discounts for lots of popular tourist destinations.

10 Aug 2013

After my car breaking down time and time again I finally signed up to RACV total care. Within 4 weeks my car broke down again, RACV got it going to get me home, then again 4 months later they came to the aide, they were so helpful, even towing my car just a few streets away. They were friendly, gave me great advice and spoke to me in a way I could understand (without all the car talk) I can't believe I didn't sign up sooner!! Thank you so much RACV life savers!

Approximate cost: $200

07 Jun 2013

RACV What can I say about them. Friendly and helpful call centre staff when you ring them. When the man turns up he is very friendly and me being a young female who knows absolutely nothing about cars under the bonnet that is. Once he has had a look and worked out what is wrong then explains everything so I know what has happened he once had to tell me 4 times before I knew what was wrong and why it had happened.

Never have to wait long. I don't know about everyone else but I get a courtesy call from RACV to make sure someone came to me and had a look at my vehicle and to make sure I got home okay which is a very good thing shows they care about their customers and how they get on.

Never will have a bad thing to say about RACV.

Just keep up the FANTASTIC work ladies and gentleman.

12 May 2013

I have had RACV roadside assistance total care ever since I got my licence and brought my first car. I have had to call them for help on more than one occasion and they have always been there quickly and been able to fix the problem with my car. Highly recommend roadside assist to everyone. It's great value for the price you pay. As well as having roadside assist, being a member of RACV gives you many discounts from insurance through to travel and shopping.

Approximate cost: $100 - $150

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