12 reviews about Renzo's Bar

11 May 2013

I usually only have Pizza at Renzo's bar because everything else is too expensive for me. The pizza wasn't very big and I have had better. I had to wait a long time to be served and even then we had to call one of the waitresses because we had been waiting for ever. Pizza was overpriced, there are hardly any toppings on it only thing I can say is it was freshly made. This place gets really busy at lunch times.

jettyb1 11 May 2013 · 100% Trust

Thanks so much for writing about docklands restaurants, its always handy as I dine there often. Cheers

16 Feb 2013

Absolutely delicious. Coming from an Italian background its hard to find something that tastes better than mamas cooking. This came real close. A pleasurable experience and great friendly service. I'll be back.

Approximate cost: $25

MazB35 16 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

Gotta love an Italian restaurant which serves dinner better than an Italian mamma's cooking! thanks for sharing

13 Sep 2012

We are holidaying in Melbourne, we visited Renzos for dinner
And we are impressed! Food tasty, fresh, great portion size, even the kids meals are big. Service great, always coming over to check on us. Nice inside dining, toilet very clean. Breakfast meal looks great too.
Very happy

Approximate cost: $93.00

03 Jul 2012

great location,
we had pizzas last time we dined there and we were very satisfied as they had plenty of toppings and cooked just right

good range of other meals available

07 Feb 2012

Beautiful location in the docklands. Staff were very friendly and attentive. Food was delicious I had the duck risotto which I would definitely order again.
Others in the group ordered Pizza's which were bigger than expected and looked great. The place was very busy!

Approximate cost: $mid range

10 Oct 2011

Went here last night and had an excellent time! The service is definitely top notch, even just the courtesy of refilling out water without being prompted. All the food is wonderful, fresh, and perfectly prepared. The chocolate mousse dessert is quite a small portion for the price, but still nice. This is the sort of place you go to for good service and quality food. If you're starving, then maybe this isn't the venue of choice.

Approximate cost: $32

27 Aug 2010

The meal was terrible, we ate the veal drenched in lemon on a plate alone, a slab of steak that could have been cooked at home on the bbq with absolutely no flavour, it had no sauce, 'red wine" or anything on it. i then took one bite and left the plate sitting there untouched. which then brings me to customer service, any restaurant that is proud of their establishment would have then asked if there was a problem & tried to deal with customer satisfaction instead we were given the bill on top of the full uneaten plates and sent on our way $80 later, i am highly disappointed in the whole experience

Approximate cost: $34

22 Aug 2010

Mouthwatering food and presentation. Exterior designs were just as beautiful as they were in the Docklands. Service was friendly, very enjoyable.

21 Aug 2010

The food was great, as a lover of italian food I wanted to try as many dishes in the area - good food, good environment, good range and variety, I wasn't disappointed!

10 Jun 2010

The most sensational food which melts in your mouth, a beautiful outdoor area that a cold softdrink can be enjoyed in the hot summer sun. They are reasonably priced and have 'different' styles of Italian food. The service is fantastic, and the staff are of Italian background, making you reallllly feel at home!

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