14 reviews about The Blue Bell Hotel

10 Jul 2015

Popular Hotel as across the road from shopping centre, good seniors meal for $10.00 about 6 things to pick from Menu. Or these the everyday menu with lots to pick from . Service very good, staff friendly and the meal comes out pretty fast. Pokies and TAB also here. Parking out the back of hotel.

26 Jul 2013

good place to have a punt or to enjoy a non expensive great quality meal! friendly staff and if you enjoy pokies they are there to. pool table and other games machine make sure you do not get bored while having fun out

31 May 2013

We went a couple of weeks ago for the $12 Monday night curry night. There's a choice of about 6 curries. We both had the beef vindaloo, which came with rice & a pappadum. Quite good for $12 and had a good level of heat, my partner got his extra hot and was happy also. Their other choices included butter chicken and some other curries with chickpeas, fish or prawns. We tried to go again the following Monday and arrived during their stated opening hours but the bistro was totally dark & locked up as though it must have closed well before it is supposed to. This is a common problem we have with many Ballarat businesses and it makes us really angry to drive all the way to a place for tea based on their advertised opening hours only to find the place shut or have the staff look at you like you're from another planet expecting to be served even though their sign says they open till much, much later. Even the night we did get served there was some kind of hesitancy in seating us, although we were there well within their stated opening times.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 24 Jun 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Toonunit, We are in full agreement with your comments. One eventually learns to telephone their preferred Ballarat based business prior to arrival, as one can never be guaranteed of its hours. While this is a nuisance to consumers, it is also a necessity to avert disappointment with many establishments around town. Thanks for a great review! Reeces

05 Jul 2012

Had great seniors meal here, 3 courses for $13 at lunch time, big bowl of soup with a bun, main course and the most delicious chocolate cheesecake, what better deal than that. The service was pretty quick, and the waitresses friendly and helpful.

Approximate cost: $varies

25 May 2012

I've eaten in both the dining are and bar - never disappointed!
As you may have seen from my other reviews - I'm always talking about chicken parmigianas!
Blue bell has among the best parmas in Ballarat!

07 May 2012

Enjoyable great value meals. Had a delicious chicken stuffed with pumpkin pinenut filling special. The seafood basket was quite nice, a lot of variety on the plate, the favorite was these prawn twizzlers in pastry. Be sure to check their website as we were able to print off a coupon for $8 off every main meal over $20... plus cheap $6 cake and coffee/hot chocolate for dessert. Stay for the food, avoid the gaming area because it has a stale fart smell... and chances are you won't win anything.

Approximate cost: $18-25

03 Feb 2011

A very disappointing experience at the Bistro. We went on a Thursday evening, the dining room didnt appear to be that busy. We ordered our meals and found ourselves having to wait 70 minutes for the meal. After we had waited approximatley 1 hour we were told that we shouldnt be to much longer. When I asked why has it taken so long I was told that due to the number of walk ins the kitchen was behind. I dont expect this type of wait for a medium rare steak & two parmas at any bistro or restaurant. As we didnt order entrees a properly run bistro would have offered bread or a complimentary drink, this didnt occur. Ultimately it didnt matter how good the meals were the wait was unacceptable and I will never return nor would I recommend anyone else try this venue.

Approximate cost: $21 - 30

TooStronk 18 May 2012 · 100% Trust

Wow, I'm reading some mixed reviews about this place. Either 1 star or 5 stars.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 26 Jun 2013 · 0% Trust

We agree with Toostronk’s comment, as the difference in review content for this business is a vast one. However one is left wondering why the staff members (whom you describe as being ‘rude’ and ‘pompous’) act in such a manner. After all, this is nothing more than another plain labeled, country pub. No need to such an attitudes! Very odd. Reeces

27 Dec 2010

I agree, I don't pay good money to eat out, only to be snobbed off by rude pompous staff members. It only makes ones meal unenjoyable and uncomfortable..

28 Jan 2010

use to go there all the time but in the past 18mths it has gone down hill big time , horrible food , half the time havnt got what is listed on the menu , last time i went there i had 2 bites of my meal and asked for my money back , as the fish i got tasted like it was off , service has a lot of room for improvement , very rude , and slow wont be back there again

Approximate cost: $18

14 Jun 2009

Went on a Saturday lunch time. A woman w/ glasses and a man served us, and they were the single rudest people I've EVER encountered EVER!!!! there was a seminar on next door, and we told them that they were about to be busy, and she said too bad for the people wanting to eat, they weren't going to rush for anybody!! We were the very first there, and after 45 minutes (we told them we had to be back in an hour) I very politely asked where our meal was. She told me that she'd told me we probably wouldn't be fed! I told her she didn't say that at all to me. She straight to my face - too bad for you!!! and walked away!!!! I asked the guy if he could tell me if we'd get our meal and he just turned and walked away too!!! A woman behind me even said to me that I had been very pleasant when I enquired about our meal!!!! Would never, ever go back!!!

Approximate cost: $20

ReecesCheckYaPieces 26 Sep 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi J3V, from the reviews we have perused on WOMO (and other websites), we would never even consider venturing into the afore-mentioned establishment. The lack of basic manners and etiquette is astonishing, so to is the arrogant (and unapologetic) nature of certain members of staff. We have often wondered how/why this place remains operational and the only answer we can come up with is their location and the fact that there is little competition within the area. Thanks for alerting the WOMO community of your (most unsatisfactory) experience, however I doubt that they will change their behaviour, as decent customer service is clearly not a priority for this establishment. Regards, Reeces

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