Reviews by TooStronk

This review is for Paperworx, Mill Park VIC

03 May 2013

My god, a great bunch of people.
Really enjoyed shopping here.
I thought the price was competitive, great range too, but the service was absolutely the best selling point here !

This review is for Chinatown Noodle King, Sydney NSW

27 Apr 2013

Okay don't expect too much.
But that doesn't mean that this place is horrible or anything.
One of your typical get in and get out joints.
Offers a decent portion, average dish. Don't expect a five star service here though. You get what you paid for.

This review is for Makiato, Lindfield NSW

07 Mar 2013

Offers a range of donburi and sushi.
Definitely not authentic.
I don't mean that they're bad, because they're not authentic. I've seen plenty places being new school, less authentic but still do their thing.

There really wasn't anything special for me to justify their offering with their price. Oh and the shop is a little cramped.

This review is for Pizza Master, Lindfield West NSW

11 Feb 2013

So I tried their teriyaki and miami in large. I thought they were better than your everyday franchise pizza, but couldn't really make a case against some of the finest gourmet pizza joints.

What I mean by that is, they do better pizza than your huge pizza chains, but their pizzas didn't fair against some of the higher end gourmet pizzas around north shore.

Was not impressed with their bruchetta. You do get a choice of two sides/deserts free with 3 large pizza purchases. Sounds good right? but when you dine in you get charged extra with drinks. Small cokes are $3, but 1.25L bottles are $3.50 it's as if they don't want you to dine in or something, but couldn't tell you so in writing so they've done it with the menu.

I've got mixed feelings about this place, I don't think this joint is a terrible place but I just don't see myself coming back anytime soon.

This review is for Gordon Village Fruit Market, Gordon NSW

10 Feb 2013

Always fresh, great range of products. Love the little chats I have with the staff here. Pleasant experience overall. Very close from the station, so if you're not buying too much, you can train it. If you're driving, car park is near by, except they have weekend markets every now and then at the car park.

This review is for Bean Drinking, Crows Nest NSW

22 Jan 2013

Not only the coffee taste great, they're environmentally friendly and sustainable. (apparently)
You really got to appreciate the enthusiasm here. They're not just selling you coffee, but they're being real people, with a lot of passion.

This could be my new favorite coffee place.

This review is for Borderlands Mexican Restaurant, Crows Nest NSW

22 Jan 2013

Food may be exotic or even authentic Mexican, you see I wouldn't have a clue, since I've never been to mexico.

Even the service was decent staff knowledge and waiting time could have been much better. The scary thing is, that's the good part.

Bad news is that burritos and nachos are at around $20, but feels much like 'micro wave' style instead of home style.

Too expensive for the quality and the general experience.

This review is for Small Bar, Crows Nest NSW

22 Jan 2013

Great tasty range of food. As the name suggests it's not all that big, but the interior is nice, and the out door area is also nice (only has about 3~4 tables out side though)

You can grab anything from mini burgers to salad. We liked their calamari quite a bit, we ordered those twice. Mind you though their chips proportion was none the less bad. @ $7.50 I was expecting more than a cone of chips.... I mean come on chips don't cost you much at all. hence the 3 star for value.

We had no problem at all with the staff and their service, overall a great experience.

This review is for Morning Glory, Haymarket NSW

15 Jan 2013

Over priced. That's where this review should end really.

Sure you get slightly different looking stationaries, note that they're different not always 'superior' in quality or aesthetics or anything.

They do offer bundle deals, buy 3 and get whatever discount etc. Their stuffed doll prices are inflated beyond imagination.

This might be a treat for little children, but with a certain other business starting with S, sounding like wiggle, Yeah you know what brand it is. Morning glory really has no game, well not any more at least.

This review is for Xanthi Bar And Restaurant, Sydney NSW

12 Jan 2013

So I actually had the chance to grab a bite here. What a shame I was alone. I thought they did a great job over all.

Lovely presentation of their menu, reasonable price and proportion, everything cooked just right. I had to instagram what I had in front of me.

I must say though, I felt that their service was as strong as their food. I'll be coming back for sure.