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16 Jan 2017

Like many others here, I don't have good things to say about VBCS. I wish I could rate them zero stars. They take your money but don't manage your property in return. It's taken 6 attempts to get a sub-par response from them. If you have a choice, go elsewhere. This is the worst service I've ever received from a provider.

05 Aug 2016

Absolutely happy with my manager W*****. Very responsive and friendly management of two of my properties. Well done VBCS.

10 Mar 2015

Victoria Body Corporate Services or VBCS, in my experience stands for Very Bad Customer Service. Having been associated with them since 1983, it is alarming to note the steady decline in the standard of service and the lack of continuity with Managers. The current Owners Corporation I belong to has had 5 Managers since 2011 and serious financial and administrative mistakes have been made, not to mention numerous instances of VBCS's failure to perform their duties and to follow the Committee's instructions.
In the course of making an enquiry about one of a number of a Manager's major errors, I was informed by VBCS that we were “currently without a Manager” and that the VBCS secretary would have the forms forwarded to me so that I could issue a Breach Notice. I found this personally insulting, as I pay VBCS for their professional services and shouldn't have to do their job for them or fix their mistakes. The most serious incident recently ended up at VCAT. It was only when it reached VCAT proceedings, that the VBCS Manager admitted that it was the fault of, and a miscommunication by, the previous Manager.
I sent a registered letter of complaint to the CEO, regarding the latest events and the poor service and knowledge of VBCS Managers. He did not have the courtesy to reply and fobbed me off to the General Manager, who is named in the letter of complaint. I then asked that my complaint be referred to Vesture ( the parent company ) Board of Directors to impartially investigate, however, it was again referred back to the General Manager, the same person who did nothing to address the problems outlined in my correspondence. Best practices, I think not! Be vigilant if VBCS is engaged as your property manager. In my opinion their culture seems to be to ignore problems or deny, deny, deny. VBCS's Corporate Values i.e. Service, Innovation, Efficiency, Accountability and Integrity, in my experience, mean absolutely nothing in practice or in the real world.

08 Jul 2010

I have dealt with VBCS for many years as a Property Manager and I must say they are the worst I've ever seen. Constantly have to follow them up only to find works not done!!!

20 Feb 2008

looking after my propetry in Armadale, refuses to pay trades people. Would have to be the most useless Body Corprate Managers in the world. Sends out invoices for work done and then does not pay them, I must say that it is not fair not to pay people for not working.

30 Jul 2007

We have used this company to manage body corp, but with extremely poor service. I'm not sure they have even visited the site. They only re-act on phone calls, and even then simply do not follow up issues. They are simply a poor quality administrative service, not a manager.

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