18 reviews about World Restaurant & Bar

23 May 2015

Great happy hour and really decent food too. Views are stunning. Def a winner for after work drinks here. Just get in early or you won't be able to get a seat!

annc631 10 Jul 2015 · 100% Trust

Will be back again soon. Love this place <3

03 Feb 2014

This is the perfect placer for relaxing "better than pub" style dinner on a Sunday evening. The location is marvellous - on a warm evening you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the evening while you watch the world meander by. The food is good and service very nice. I had a Roasted Barramundi fillet on lentils and shaved fennel, with a Caprese Heirloom (Tomato) Salad which came with mozarella. Both were most enjoyable. The wine list is quite good too. Very nice service, I would come back here.

Approximate cost: $25

Shazzbot1 03 Feb 2014 · 100% Trust

Thanks, I will consider this restaurant when in Melbourne next.

09 Jan 2014

Never had a bad experience here. Been there regularly for meals, including a birthday party, been for breakfast and casual coffee, no problems at all. Found the staff same as just about everywhere! They have good and bad days, just like we do but I've always enjoyed their friendly nature, and never found service to be poor

Approximate cost: $22

22 Aug 2013

This place is simply outstanding!! the atmosphere is nice and the food is really nice. The pizzas and pasta is great and always fresh. This was my first restaurant experience in Melbourne and most places haven't come close. Great customer service and the waitresses are very polite.

22 Aug 2013

One of the best things at World is the wide choice of dishes that are on the menu-you are guaranteed to enjoy at least one thing. On past occasions I have had salads, pizza, pasta and a stir fry. They offer a great range of drinks-some that can be shared by a group. The service is pretty good-always friendly and they will always try to fit you in-even on a busy night. On the weekend they have live music, which really turns it into a fantastic place for a night out.

12 Aug 2013

Really enjoy World Bar. The food menu is reasonably priced, but doesn't contain a huge drinks menu. The staff turnover seems to be quite large, so even if you are a regular, no one will remember your face. My personal favorite is the good old spag bol. Less than $20.00, but a fair size meal!

Approximate cost: $20

14 Aug 2012

We were at Southbank and decided to try this place and were able to be seated even though we didn't have a reservation. I ordered the fish and chips meal and my partner ordered a pizza. Both the meals were nicely presented and tasted reasonable but there was a long wait from when we ordered to when our meals were served. The restaurant got noisier as it got busier, making table conversation more and more difficult. The waiters were friendly and the atmosphere of the restaurant was laid back.

14 Aug 2012

Great atmosphere and a cool place to hang out with mates for a few drinks. It has a great social atmosphere and very much suited to an after-work crowd. I've also eaten here a couple of times and some of the menu items can unfortunately be hit and miss.

14 May 2012

The food here is great! The menu is excellent with a wide range of food and drinks available at varying prices so there really is something for everyone. World bar also has a really relaxed atmosphere with a great vibe and the service is very good too. One of the best restaurants I have been to since I moved to Melbourne.

Approximate cost: $15-30

22 Dec 2010

Great tasty food at reasonable prices. Love the atmosphere, as the fit out of the restaurant is divine!!! recommend to all!

Approximate cost: $35

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