Reviews by RodneyB

This review is for Melissa Cakes Templestowe, Templestowe Lower VIC

verified email - 13 Sep 2009

We had a group of 10 for breakfast, and they couldn't get anything right... the food was cold, ther orders were wrong, and the staff had no clue.

Hard to recommend this to anyone...

Approximate cost: $15

This review is for OzCar Imports, Perth WA

verified email - 08 Dec 2008

I'd been toying of the idea of buying a Japanese AWD wagon for several months and had been on the lookout specifically for a Manual Toyota Caldina GT-T. I noticed that OzCars had one currently undergoing compliance in Melbourne and was lucky enough to check it out to help make up my mind. The decision was an easy one after I saw it.

Steve was a great help throughout and helped make buying an Imported car, what seems like a difficult process when you first set out to do so, a very simple and straight-forward ordeal. Granted there were some unforseen delays caused by the Department of Transport taking a bit of time to complete the compliance paperwork, but all in all I was very impressed with OzCar's service.

Glad to recommend them to anyone looking to make their next car something special.

This review is for About Town Mobile Mechanics, Melbourne VIC

verified email - 11 Jun 2008

Alternator belt broke and needed replacing. Rob came out, inspected the damage and replaced both the broken alternator belt and the AC/PWRSteering belt (which was severely worn). He also performed several other checks to ensure that the incident hadn't damaged the engine further.

This review is for Ski Chute Four, Mansfield VIC

verified email - 31 Jul 2007

Prior to buying my own Snowboarding gear, I used to always hire from these guys. The equipment they stock is very well looked after and their excellent customer service and experience means you'll be getting the right gear for your skill level. The only downside is they are a little bit more expensive then some of the other discount hire places in Mansfield, but the quality of the gear is worth it.

Approximate cost: $-

This review is for Strapp Ford, Doncaster VIC

verified email - 29 Jul 2007

I purchased my first car about 2 years ago. I'd heard all the horror stories about all 'shady' used car dealers out there, but was pleasently suprised by my experiences with these guys. Their client service was great, having arranged to bring the car halfway across Melbourne for me to inspect and test drive, twice. They had no hesitation in discussing the history of the car and what work had been done to it. And they were very open to negotiation on the price. They even kept the place open till 7pm on a Friday night to allow me to fill out all the paperwork required.

Approximate cost: $20,000

This review is for MSY Technology, Clayton VIC

verified email - 29 Jul 2007

I've purchased all my PC gear through MSY for the last few years and they would have to he the lowest prices of any supplier in Melbourne. Unfortunatly, due to this, they do have lengthy queues and wait times during the afternoon and weekend peak periods. I've also noticed a few times while I was in there that their phone never gets answered, so probably not the best idea to try calling them to enquire / order stuff.

Approximate cost: $-

This review is for Melbourne Snowboard Centre, Preston VIC

verified email - 29 Jul 2007

I've dealt with MSC several times over the last year while putting together my first set of snowboarding gear, and I was extremely impressed with the experiences. Their staff are always willing to help out with any enquiries you have and their knowlege of snowboarding means you'll be getting the gear that suits your needs best.

Approximate cost: $-

This review is for Grande Forno Bistro, Ashburton VIC

verified email - 28 Jul 2007

Easily the best wood Fired Pizza's in Melbourne. I used to always go here for Pizzas when I was living in Ashwood, and occasionally still travel there for them.

Approximate cost: $15