Reviews by jessicah14

This review is for Realize Health, Loganholme QLD

09 Dec 2017

We saw Riki in regards to my autistic son. I had been doing a lot of research into the gut-brain link in autistic children and had been gearing up for a special healing diet called GAPS for months. We knew we'd need a specially trained practitioner and went to Realize health because they were our closest practitioners. Riki was amazing, I was blown away by her thoroughness and her incredible knowledge of biology and how the gut can be healed and what problems manifesting in the body can be related. She gave me so much hope for my son and lots of practical things to work on and advice and encouragement in starting the diet in a way that was taylor for our family. Having studied anatomy and biology in some depth she spoke to me on a very knowledgeable level and didn't treated me like the expert of my son. Very refreshing. I recommend her to anyone having gut troubles of any kind, her knowledge and training surpasses your regular naturopath.

Approximate cost: $180

This review is for Vege Rama, Brisbane QLD

02 Dec 2017

We've recently gone on a very strict diet for our son with special needs so a day out in the city became very difficult as lunch time approached. Thankfully we found Vegerama and it saved the day. They were great answering questions about different allergens and even took the time to look up the included ingredients in a sauce from the information from their provider. Gold star for service and we'll be back again if we get peckish in the city.

Approximate cost: $15

This review is for Green Living Australia, Underwood QLD

02 Dec 2017

This place got me so excited to go green. We were making some health changes for our autistic child, which is why I went here originally. I was just after soapnuts but found just about everything else that I had come across in my research of healthier living that I ended up spending way more than I first ploanned. However, it was money well spent and it got me going with a lot of good things much sooner than I otherwise would have started. Such as fermented foods. The assistant was SOOO knowledgeable and was quoting real research to me. I was blown away and amazed and just wanted to keep learning. She was so passionate, I walked in at 2 minutes to closing and she just kept on sharing and showing me things I was asking about and curious about. Anyone trying to make a healthy change should visit this shop. They will have what you are looking for and be experts about it.

Approximate cost: $75

This review is for Rainbow City Children's Play Centre And Cafe, Underwood QLD

02 Dec 2017

We had an absolutely lovely time here. My children were so enthralled the entire time. I liked that they had several different spaces and types of play equipment, it kept the little ones entertained as they bounced from one place to another without getting bored. My little boy with autism just loved the jumping castle. The places smelled divine because of their little cafe and the food I order was perfect. We spent a good couple of hours here and it was actually very relaxing for me, I usually have to run after the kids a lot at play centres but they kept themselves and each other happy. Would definitely recommend it and I would definitely go back.

Approximate cost: $20

This review is for Blue Room Cinebar, Milton QLD

02 Dec 2017

This place was magical. The seats were so comfortable and the service was spot on. We don't usually do something so expensive but they had advertised a great deal for the movie with a discount on food so we gave it a go and we were not disappointed. We signed up for their newsletter because they regularly offer good discounts. We will definitely visit here again. A very beautiful and romantic night out.

Approximate cost: $40

This review is for Goloden Fingers Massage, Fortitude Valley QLD

02 Dec 2017

We specifically went here because we were given a discount . My husband and I both got a massage and neither of us particularly enjoyed it. It wasn't a very relaxing environment. The cubicles were small and just closed off by curtains that didn't always seem to shut all the way so I felt exposed. The therapists talked with each other in chinese during the massage, and seemed to just want to get through their routine quickly without taking care of any individual needs I had. They didn't ask me how I was feeling or what I was looking for in a massage or even check my health status. They also seemed to cut a lot of corners and overall the massage just wasn't very relaxing or effective. I went back a second time because we were offered a really great discount for returning, but after going a second time I'd never return, not even to save a few dollars.

Approximate cost: $35

This review is for JB Hi-Fi, Loganholme QLD

02 Dec 2017

I checked out every store to compare prices for a particular DVD I was after and found JB Hi-Fi to be the best price by far. They even had the new season of the series stocked when nobody else did. It was a surprisingly large store. It was a bit of a treasure trove and tye had lots of awesome deals going on. The staff were absolutely amazing, and gave me lots of options for ordering in an item and paying. They were so patient and gracious.

Approximate cost: $55

This review is for Bunnings, Loganholme QLD

02 Dec 2017

This is a very small bunnings, obviously they didn't have the space to work with that they usually have at other stores and so they seem to only stock the most popular items. It's ok for some things, but if we're looking for variety or something that is not the popular choice they usually don't have it. They also don't have a playground so it doesn't hold any appeal for me taking my children there. Still good value for money and the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable but we often have to make a second trip out to the next closest store anyway to find what we are looking for.

This review is for Nielsens Native Nursery, Loganholme QLD

02 Dec 2017

This place was fabulous. It was more than just a nursury, it felt like a proper outing. There was some lovely landscaping with a bridge over a pond leading to a big greenhouse for indoor plants. the atmosphere there was really relaxing and pleasant. I was surprised by the prices of some things. We bought a bunch of herbs and vegetable plants for our garden and it was a lot cheaper than I anticipated it would be. The plants also survived being transferred into our garden unlike some plants from the big home improvement places. They even have a cafe there on site and it seemed like a nice place to catch up with friends or family.

Approximate cost: $35

This review is for George's Paragon, Eagle Heights QLD

11 Feb 2015

We don't usually dine so formally because of the expense but they were advertising half price lunch and dinner so we gave it a try and we very happy with our experience there. The staff were very friendly and professional. They all seemed so happy to serve us and do anything they could to make it a wonderful experience for us. The food was absolutely lovely, all very well presented, fresh and tasted great. I would most definitely visit there again if I were in the area.

Approximate cost: $23