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16 Jul 2019

Advertised dispatch and delivery is a lie. I’ve bought more than once here online and dispatch and delivery always exceptionally late. Waste of money to pay for express mail.
My latest order was made 5 business days ago with products in stock via express mail delivery in Melbourne. Was only dispatched 3 days later. Express mail delivers next day in Melbourne but at the time of this review 5 business days later package is still not scheduled for delivery.
Don’t buy online here, I won’t bother again.

Approximate cost: $200

175 reviews · 70% trust · 24810 points
01 Nov 2015

Amazing wonderful products here! Staff was so helpful with my problem of hayfever, by recommended the appropriate product!! amazing!

22 Mar 2013

I was in the shop around October 2012. Served early in the morning by a filipino and chinese lady. Great service and good explanation of product. Goods are well displayed and clean.

Approximate cost: $300.00

20 Jul 2012

Highly recommend the store at 255 Eliz St. I have found the staff super friendly and helpful. They have a really good range of products and are the cheapest that I've been able to find in the city. They also have a super sunday card which gives you a 10% discount with purchases over $40 on a sunday.

30 Jun 2012

A great one stop shop for natural foods, supplements and organic products. Staff are very helpful despite the confusing way stock is set up.

10 Sep 2011

Been shopping here for years. It's the best selection and best value in the area. Go on Sunday and get 10% off.

05 Jun 2011

Crowded store, not very well set out. Customer service is sometimes very good other times not really there. However they have a very large selection of products for all different types of symptoms.

Approximate cost: $36.00

carolinet1 31 Oct 2014 · 100% Trust

Customer service is hit and miss in the Elzabeth St store. I usually buy from Camberwell where the service is consistently good. My last experience in Elizabeth street was disappointing. The person who served me was more interested in chatting with her colleague than serving customers, and it wasn't work related conversation. She came across and judgemental, aloof and disinterested. It was very poor customer service.

07 Mar 2011

If you're into natural and/or organic bath products, this is the place to go! The biggest range and very competitive prices. I am stuck on buying as-organic-as-possible haircare and skincare products, and expected to have to buy online, but could never find all I wanted in the one place, but this place had everything! And at even better prices than online. Great surprise!

24 May 2010

I was disappointed at the customer service I received when I wanted to return a shampoo which I claimed I was allergic too. The assistant was not helpful in her manner and tone. When I explained what the issue was there was no response leaving me to ask her whether I could receive an exchange. This request was denied due to there "store policy." She told me that I could give it to a friend. What I did not expect was that she would open this sealed item that I had bought. This I found was poor treatment. Since the assistant refused to accept the item she had no right to open the item. This is an example of poor customer service.

Approximate cost: $22.95

maeas 24 May 2010 · 60% Trust

This is not good treatment. The person was not thinking.

16 Jul 2009

great earth (especially the elizabeth st store) is the best and cheapest health food/cosmetics store in melbourne. great location, especially since it's right next to vitamin me, the other best health food/cosmetics/supplies store in town!

maeas 24 May 2010 · 60% Trust

I was not happy when I returned a product that I had allergy too. I inquired about a exchange and this was refused due to store health policy however what I found annoying and frustrating was the assistant opened the product. The product was sealed. This was not her property since she refused to take it back. This is an example of poor customer service.

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