Reviews by whdj

This review is for Ridapest Pest Control, Canberra ACT

14 Jan 2012

The operator arrived on time for a quick initial inspection. On the treatment day, he explained in detail about what he was doing, and provided a couple of choices for me to choose.
He was very friendly, and professional.

Approximate cost: $100

This review is for Budget Carpet Care, Evatt ACT

14 Jan 2012

The guy arrived even a bit earlier than we discussed. He did a very good job for most corners, if not every.
I was also been provided some nice suggestions on carpet maitenence.

Approximate cost: $160

This review is for Dumpling Inn, Belconnen ACT

14 Jan 2012

We were waiting for more than 15 minutes after we sat down before we could start Yum Cha. The food quality is just so-so. This was the first time that my boy lost interest of Yum Cha.

Approximate cost: $28

This review is for Spicy Ginger Cafe, Canberra ACT

14 Jan 2012

Some Sichun dishes are really hot and juicy. We often order n-1 dishes for n people as we could not finish them. A bad thing is really hard to order a dish for a kid, if he could not tolerate spicy food.

A beforehand booking will be better in order to avoid disapoitment.

So I am not sure why I could not pay by Credit card for my first dinner there.

Approximate cost: $25

This review is for Prince Palace Chinese Restaurant, Belconnen ACT

14 Jan 2012

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Canberra. It provides genuine Cantonese cruise as well as delicious Yum Cha. I love the seafood prepared there. I enjoy the music too. They also often provide some free dessert after meal.

An assistant often prepared high-chair for my little boy.

Approximate cost: $25

This review is for RSK Legal Group, Civic Square ACT

14 Jan 2012

We found it is not easy to communicate with RSK Legal group. It looks there are different people for different parts of our property purchasing procedure. We actually didn't know who would we talk to for next step. We finally had to talk with one partner in order to fix some issues. Anyway, the settlement went through without big issues.

Good thing is the price is really affordable.

This review is for Onya Bike, Belconnen ACT

13 Jan 2012

An professional assistant, at least looks professional to me, helped me to choose a nice bike model based on my budget. He also friendly shew me how to choose a right size for me. I did a test ride with satisfaction.

My bike was serviced within 3 months by a friendly assistant.

This review is for Bunches, Belconnen ACT

13 Jan 2012

My shopping experience at Bunches@Belconnen was really pleasant. An assistant friendly communicated with me about what I wanted. Things were wrapped up beautifully.

This review is for Li's Hotbake, Belconnen ACT

13 Jan 2012

The bakery provides a lot of things.

I dropped in only a couple of times. Assistants or the owner that seem not happy, more frequently than smiling. Simply don't like to go back.

Approximate cost: $okay

This review is for Pivotal Hair, Belconnen ACT

13 Jan 2012

Pivotal Hair is a new shop opened a few months ago. I dropped in and the owner Zimmy welcomed and had my hair cut confidently. 20% discount at the end.

The hair cut is better than a couple of hairdressers I visited and at lower price, believe or not. I will certainly visit again.

Approximate cost: $lower than normal