Reviews by Icy006

This review is for Hairhouse Warehouse, Doncaster VIC

18 Dec 2013

I visited Hairhouse Warehouse in Doncaster after shopping in Westfield. Katelyn did a great job and listened to what I wanted. The service was great, staff were all very friendly. The pricing was average and the quality was excellent. I would definitely recommend Hairhouse Warehouse!

Approximate cost: $70

This review is for Rococo, Hawthorn VIC

18 Dec 2013

I recently went to Rococo in Hawthorn with friends for dinner. The place was crowded and we had to wait quite a while for a table. The service was quite poor as the staff were constantly rushing around to serve the other customers. That is understandable but we had to wait quite a while to have our orders taken down. Secondly, the food took a long time to arrive at our tables. Although the quality of the food was good, the price was still a bit higher than average. The atmosphere was very nice and the restaurant looked very "high-class". I would have to say that Rococo is one of the most popular restaurants in Hawthorn. I think I will dine there again when the restaurant is not as busy as Friday evening! :)

Approximate cost: $18

This review is for Nando's, Doncaster East VIC

07 Dec 2013

My favourite from Nando's, is peri peri chips. I often go to this Nando's store, the staff are friendly and the prices are to be expected. The food is a bit healthier than most fast food outlets but the price is higher.

This review is for Vista Blinds, Greensborough VIC

02 Oct 2013

I went in-store for a look at some blinds for my new home, although there were many to choose from. I found that most were far too expensive, compared to other stores I've visited. But I bought 3 anyways, because I thought the quality was better. Communication was horrible as they didn't come on time, did a poor job of installing the blinds and were very rude. Overal, I wouldn't recommend Vista.

This review is for Grill'd, Camberwell VIC

22 Aug 2013

Fresh, healthy and delicious food. I regularly go to Grill'd in Camberwell with my friends. It's a great place to gather and have a bite. Although sometimes, the restaurant is quite crowded and noisy, it's still worth going to. The prices are fair, service is fantastic and the atmosphere is fantastic. It is quite a large 'Grill'd', so they don't normally make you wait for a table. Overall, Grill'd Camberwell is one of my favourites.

Approximate cost: $13.50

This review is for Australian Academy Of Hairdressing, Melbourne VIC

11 Jul 2013

The Australian Academy of Hairdressing trains students by giving them opportunities to "practice" their skills on the general public. Although the prices are VERY cheap (ladies cut: $8), it is a shame if you get a student who's not very confident or good with the scissors. In this case, the mentor will have to take over and finish off your haircut. The atmosphere is quite nice, everyone is bustling around and for $8, i would definitely come back. When you go in, you are given a sheet to give to the student who is doing your hair, and he or she will fill that in according to the length, texture and the general appearnace of your hair and things related to that... :) When going the The Academy, it is important to keep in mind that different students are in different stages in terms of their "training" so if you are willing to be patient, they would appreciate it very much. Overall, The Academy offers great opportunities for those who want to train there and it also provides cheap but satisfactory services to customers.

Approximate cost: $8 (for a ladie's cut)

This review is for Dick Smith, Chadstone Centre VIC

22 Jun 2013

I always turn to Dick Smith for my electrical needs. They have everything from laptops, to iPads to games. They regularly have special deals and prices so overall, they're my favourite electrical store. :)

Approximate cost: $500

This review is for Nando's, Richmond VIC

22 Jun 2013

I visit Nandos pretty regularly, the quality of the food is excellent. Their chips are the BEST.
Staff are friendly, but at peak hours, you might have to wait quite a while, but the wait is definitely worth it.

Approximate cost: $8

This review is for Typo, Chadstone VIC

22 Jun 2013

I love Typo, especially this store. Service is fantastic, all the products are always both fun and functional. The prices are great, especially in comparison to other stationary stores.
Typo products are great for presents and gifts.
Overall, I would definitely recommend visiting Typo in Chadstone. :)

Approximate cost: $10 (pencil case and pens)

This review is for Max Brenner, Doncaster VIC

13 Apr 2013

I went there the other day... WOW. Their chocolate is the best!!! Although the prices are very high, it is to be expected considering the quality of the desserts they offer. When I went there, there were not many people. Also, it's right next to the cinema in Westfield so there are a lot of other places to shop around in. I'm obsessed with Max Brenner!!!

Approximate cost: $8.50 (For chocolate-dipped strawberries)