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This review is for The Original Watsonia Fish & Chips, Watsonia VIC

12 Apr 2013

These lovely people just do simple Fish, Chips, and burgers. No fancy sauces or garnishes, just the old favourites so you know what you are going to get.
They give you generous serves so a burger will fill you up (unlike Mcdonalds) and about $5 worth of chips will feed a family. They also do some interesting little treats lie deep-fred mars bars which, although they sound very rich and over the top, are really quite nice (they have a very thin layer of batter so you don't really taste it and inside the mars bar is slightly gooey and chewy mmmmmmm .....nice).
They are very friendly, professional and efficient.

If you just want some simple, good value for money food, give these guys a go.

Approximate cost: $10

This review is for River Tea House, Lorne VIC

12 Apr 2013

The River Tea House in Lorne is a delightful place to relax and either read or chat with friends.

When I first saw the River Tea House I was immediately intrigued and draw to it. It had a very inviting and interesting vibe to it that made me eager to see try it. And I wasn't disappointed.
They have an entire wall full of of their range of teas. I, myself, have a preference for black teas particularly Earl Grey and they gave me one of the best Earl Grey tea I have ever had! My partner and in-laws said that the coffee was very good too.
They also do some nice food. I highly recommend their scones with jam and cream; a nice, slightly moist scone with a delicious heavy cream and fresh raspberry I want one. There is also your standard breakfast and lunch dishes available, all that I have tried has been good but I am still to try everything.

They are also happy for you to bring your dog (outside of course) and will usually bring you a container of water for them too ...and sometimes even sneak them some treats.

I try to find excuses to get to Lorne so that I can visit the tea house; a wonderful oasis where you feel like you are in another world just watching the real one go by.

Approximate cost: $15

This review is for Hair By Ciccone, Macleod VIC

15 Mar 2013

My partner and I were in need of a new hairdresser which is always a stressful task because we are both fussy about how we like our hair cut. We are both quite lazy when it comes to styling our hair and don't like putting lots of product nor curling/straightening our hair, we like to have a hair style that just works with no messing around.
I decided to give this place a try because it is very close to our house and I am very happy with the results. I gave the hairdresser a rough idea of what I like and don't like, ask what she thought would work and then she started, stopping at different stages to check if I wanted more off and if I was happy with it so far. The cut, a wash and a blow dry only cost $40 for me ($35 for my partner) which was very much worth it, very good value.
Overall, they were very friendly and helpful and it was generally a nice relax atmosphere in the salon. My partner and I are definitely going there from now on.

Approximate cost: $40

This review is for Sinner's Pizza, Pasta, And Ribs, Macleod VIC

19 Oct 2012

Delicious pizza! Best so far that I have found in the area of Macleod/Watsonia. Pizza has lots of fresh toppings and cheese (but not too much) and a fantastic range of pizzas.
You have the standard pizzas such as Hawaiian and Meat lovers; their own special range, including Satay Chicken and Ring of Fire; and a Gourmet range like Roast pumpkin.
The price is no more expensive nor cheaper than any other of the pizzas places around but the quality is far better. I haven't tried the pasta or ribs yet so you'll have to wait for the verdict on those but if they are anything like the pizzas they'll be delicious.
They also have meal deals: 3 large pizzas, 2 large garlic breads, 1.25L drink for $40 or 2 large pizzas, garlic bread, and 1.25L drink for $28. They have the option of gluten free bases for an extra fee. And they deliver for only $4.
All in all, not bad :D

Approximate cost: $11.50

This review is for, Brookvale NSW

19 Oct 2012

Deals Direct have all sorts of things on their site, I'm nowhere near finished searching it. I was looking for some rugs for my house and didn't want to spend a fortune as I have a dog and it would just get ruined. Found lots on Deals Direct and bought two lounge room sized ones for $80 each. They were shipped to me immediately and I had them within a few days.

They have daily deals so always keep half an eye on the things you like because sometimes they come up with a discount or free shipping.

This review is for Kamel, Albert Park VIC

19 Oct 2012

One of the best places to eat in Melbourne!!!!
Kamel is a small, cosy, and friendly place to eat. The restaurant itself is in an old terrace-style shop front that has been converted into a versatile little eatery. You can sit in the front area (usually for groups of 1-4 people), the middle room (for groups of 5+), out the back (a covered and heated outside area for overflow seating or groups of 5+), and an upstairs area which I think is for private functions though I have never been up there to know for sure. It is a fantastic set up!
You may think that the front part of the restaurant is a bit full, but I think it adds to the overall feel of the place.

As this is a restaurant, the most important thing is the food and you won't be disappointed. It is middle-eastern style food with a good selection of meat and vegetarian food. They are all small servings of about 4 pieces designed to be shared amongst the group. And the food is amazing! The one thing you absolutely must try if you go there is the Grilled Peppered Watermelon. Grilled watermelon with a pomegranate molasses, feta cheese, Dill, and cracked pepper. I know it sounds strange but you will not regret it .......except that it is very addictive. The mains and desserts are all delicious and unique: pistachio crumbed goats cheese, lamb & lentil filo triangles with yoghurt, and turkish delight ice cream! Yummy! They also make a very nice Sangria as well as some nice cocktails.

The service is always good. The staff are friendly and helpful. If you don't know how the meals work or what would be good to eat they are always there ready with suggestions.

The price is very, very reasonable. For the quality of the food you get the price is very cheap. It works out as about $15 a plate, they even do half serves and have a Banquet menu for larger groups.

We make any excuse we can to go there, in fact we are going there again next week for a birthday. The food is that good!

Approximate cost: $10-36

This review is for, Perth WA

19 Oct 2012

I started shopping on Fishpond years ago because it was the cheapest place to buy Uni Textbooks and one of the only places based in Aus where you could buy Foreign Movies. Since then they have expanded into toys, games, shoes and even kitchenwares. Fishpond is now one of the best places for buying Lego online with deals coming up by the day. Admittedly, you will have to wait a while for delivery (this is definitely something the company has to work on) because they bring the products from suppliers all over the world upon requested, not before.
But still it is a great place to find rare or difficult to find items and you can even sell your old stuff through their very easy to use system.

This review is for iiNet, Perth WA

24 Sep 2012

We have had Naked DSL with iinet for about 18 months now and we have no complains as of yet! We get our phone line, modem/voip phone and internet with them which means if we have a problem we only have to talk to one person, not 3 like you get with TPG, for instance. And their customer service is always friendly and helpful and you don't have to talk to someone who has a think accent, which if you have a technical problem is very helpful because you can understand them.
We recently moved house and took our iinet Naked DSL with us. There were some delays and problems (due mainly to Telstra and their ridiculous procedures) but the customer service people were mostly helpful and always friendly and in the end we weren't charged the connection fee and we got a massive discount on our first bill because of the trouble.

This review is for Preston Market, Preston VIC

23 Sep 2012


It's conveniently located and has the usual Aldi value but the service is atrocious! When ever you are there (not matter what day of the week), there is always a massive line at the checkout and only ever one maybe two checkouts open. The ladies at the counters do their best to try and keep up the pace so this is not necessarily their fault. Meanwhile, there is always some other employee stuffing around down the back when they can easily see that they are needed up the front. I have even watched one of the checkout ladies, on a very busy occasion, remind the manager (what I believe to be the manager, or at least the 2IC) that he was supposed to get her changed and he just ignored her and kept stuffing around! They always seem unhappy at this store and after watching the way the the senior staff behaves I can understand why.

Preston Aldi ONLY gets 4 stars for value because they are an Aldi store. I recommend going further up plenty rd to the Bundoora Aldi, it is much much better.

This review is for Red Hill Spa, Red Hill South VIC

23 Sep 2012

In a word...Amazing!! An absolutely fantastic experience. From the moment you step into the place it is like you are in another world. Myself and my partner had a 60min massage each, that was extremely under-priced for the quality.
They were just amazing the two masseurs who did us! Their technique was very advanced, at one point my partner swears his masseur had 4 hands.
The place was beautifully set up with a very pleasant ambiance, and a very nice room temperature (important for when you are having a relaxing massage because you don't want to be cold or sweating).
Red hill was suggested to us as an alternative to Peninsular Hot Springs, I don't think it should be considered an alternative because Red Hill it is too damn good in its own right. We will never be going back to Peninsular Hot Springs for a bath or even for our first massage there because we are very happy with Red Hill.

Red Hill Spa, simple, friendly, quiet and fantastic. I would happily pay twice as much for their services.

Approximate cost: $200

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