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15 Jul 2017

Ordered a cot which we needed pretty quickly as our daughter had grown out of her bassinet. There wasn't any in stock, but we were told it would arrive within a week as there were lots available in the warehouse.

We followed up several times constantly to be told to call back in a few days as it was almost there. We had to call up, no one would call us when it arrived. 3 weeks later it finally got to the store. If we knew it was going to take that long there's no way we would have ordered the cot from Baby Bunting. We were never apologised to and were actually told by a staff member that it wasn't that long to wait. Perhaps that's true for their orders in which case we should have been told that up front instead of deceptively being dragged along each week.

To add salt to the wound, when we went to pick up the cot we were only given 1 or the 2 boxes. We only found out there was supposed to be another when we got home. We had to then make another trek over to pick up the one the staff member missed the first time. When I tried to confirm that we now had all the boxes we needed, the staff member just said he had no idea.

My wife and I have promised ourselves that we are never purchasing anything from Baby Bunting ever again. I can't remember the last time I've dealt with such bad customer service and poorly trained staff.

Approximate cost: $398

23 Sep 2016

Very very bad service, especially the car fitting service is absolutely horrible! Will never set foot in that store!

15 Aug 2013

This is a very large store, with lots of variety and brands of baby products. The weekends are extremely busy, so do not expect to get served for at least 15 minutes, if at all. Try and make a trip during the week if you have any questions.
Staff, (if you can get hold of any!) are quite helpful and knowledgable. They are happy to try car seats in your car and give carious explanations on the differences between certain brands and products. If you do purchase a few different items, you may be able to negotiate a small discount.

12 Aug 2013

This really is a 1 stop shop for everything baby, toddler, right up to preschool. Lots of staff at the counter, but it would be nice if they came up to YOU to see if you need any help while shopping. I have been there multiple times & just wish they would offer to help.

27 Jul 2011

They have a huge range of baby items, the service is quite good, they seem to have the right number of people working there. But they are also quite pricey probably even more so than a shopping centre, but they have a bigger range.

30 Dec 2010

I've found the service here a bit hit and miss. More on the miss side really. I purchased a car seat and wanted to know whether I needed an additional buckle for the installation. The person who had sold me the seat told me to go outside to the pick up bay and read the box! I did this, but it wasn't apparent. Another lady then sold me the buckle (she didn't know either) so I got it jsut in case. Would have expected them to have a bit of knowledge about car seats.

22 Jul 2010

They really need to work on their service and their knowledge of the products they sell. Recently purchased a Pram got told i could attach a toddler skate board, go into buy one a couple of weeks later, only to get told that one will not fit my pram. Very Annoying.

22 Jul 2010

Whilst they do have a huge variety of products and will generally price match, the customer service has to be some of the worst I've ever encountered. Not sure if dealing with parents all day does this to you but I try to avoid these massive baby supermarket type stores now if only because this place has tainted my view as such that I now believe they're all the same.

17 Jul 2010

We have bought many things for our children from baby bunting over the years and have always been provided with quality products that stand the test of time. They have a great range and many different options it truly is a one stop shop. My only downfall is that staff are often illusive and hard to get a hold of especially on a weekend sometimes we walked around the whole shop looking for some help and were ignored continually. I will continue to shop here as there is no other store like it

09 Feb 2010

The staff were great and helpful if you managed to speak to one.... as they are very busy. They have a huge variety of prams, cots and child restraints which makes it very hard to choose. However, the staff could suggest the most convenient products on request.

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