Reviews by robsullivan

This review is for The Green Mango, Tuggerah NSW

05 Jan 2018

This restaurant in the food court at Tuggerah Westfield seems a bit strange at first, because there are two counters at an angle to each other, one serving "South American street food", the other one typical Indian mall food. The first time I ate here, a month or two ago, I went Indian and got a lunch special combination of potatoes and Rogan Josh. It was okay, but nothing spectacular... and the sauce wasn't as spicy as I might have hoped. Today I managed to return to the food court and this time I hit up the South American counter. I ordered a burrito for around $13, and it completely surpassed my expectations. I never knew burritos could be so big... this one was stuffed full of tender beef cuts, rice, black beans, and a chilli sauce. What a bomb! I have had a smile on my face all day long. I will definitely be back for more.

Approximate cost: $12

This review is for DJ's Indian Restaurant , Charmhaven NSW

07 Dec 2017

I ordered home delivery from DJ's several months ago, choosing paneer pakora as an entrée, lamb pasanda, and cheese naan. The delivery came on time, but I was a little disappointed by the taste. The pasanda was somewhat tasteless, as were the other items that I ordered. It was hard to know if the pasanda was really lamb, or actually chicken. The naan had a vaguely pancake like taste, which wasn't what I was after. Still, at least the delivery was prompt!

Approximate cost: $35

This review is for Tuggerawong Takeaway, Tuggerawong NSW

18 Oct 2017

We sometimes stop here on the way home and pick up something. I used to come here when it was a fish and chips shop in the 1990s. The ownership has changed, but the décor hasn't evolved much in 20 years. These days, they serve a range of Chinese, Malaysian and Thai dishes. I recently ordered a beef Pad Thai for $14.50, which was hearty and good, but not particularly Thai. I guess it is best to keep things simple when ordering at this kind of place.

Approximate cost: $15

This review is for Coast Hotel Budgewoi, Budgewoi NSW

21 Jun 2017

Due to the grand and sunny exterior, I have long been interested in drinking at this establishment. Recently I got the chance to spend a few hours here, and savour the atmosphere. Well, the atmosphere was okay, although the facilities and décor seemed a little rough around the edges inside. I had trouble getting a phone signal (I am with Optus), though eventually I found a sweet spot sitting out in one of the wings. It was the middle of the afternoon, and I was exhausted from a long walk along the beach. I got a schooner of VB, and a packet of cheese and onion chips for $9.20. There were a number of patrons eating at the bistro, although I didn't try anything here (items included toasted damper, for $7.50). Monday night is apparently steak night ($12 for a steak.) I think they might do schnitzels on Tuesday night. There was a large TAB section, which was popular with punters.

This review is for Central Coast Motel, Wyong NSW

12 Oct 2016

When I told my brother I was planning to stay at this motel, on the old highway in Wyong North, he seemed a little concerned. "I heard that's a rough neighbourhood," he said. True, there do seem to be plenty of Housing Commission properties in this neck of the woods. That said, I enjoyed my stay at the Central Coast Motel. The owners are friendly and kind. My room was quite spacious and clean. Free wifi was available but clocked in at about 250Kbps. Perhaps it is faster in the daytime.

Approximate cost: $120

This review is for Tim's Kitchen, Wyong NSW

12 Oct 2016

Tim's Kitchen might be hidden away in the northern suburbs of Wyong , but tastewise it beats many of the Asian restaurants in more central locations. Basically a takeaway business, Tim's serves a wide range of dishes, from classic omelettes and chow mvein noodles, to Malaysian laksa. I ordered the Bakmi Goreng (Indonesian fried noodles) for $11 during a recent stay in the neighbourhood. Sweet and beefy and piping hot, it made for a hearty and filling meal. I would definitely return here for more.

Approximate cost: $13

This review is for The Fuel Depot Cafe, Toukley NSW

09 Jun 2016

This cafe is in a quiet part of town, but was particularly busy during my recent visit. It features nice views of Canton Beach and Tuggerah Lake. You can sit in a comfy armchair and browse through their magazine collection. I devoured a chocolate thickshake ($7) which provided me ample fuel for the morning.

Approximate cost: $10

This review is for Aldas Pizza, Toukley NSW

09 Jun 2016

Aldas Pizza seems to be a popular place, according to reviews I have read on the Internet. It is also located in a strategic position on Main Road in Toukley, opposite the Beachcomber Resort, so it must get plenty of customers. That said, I was somewhat disappointed by my recent purchase here. I got a regular Mexicana for $16. It tasted good, but not sensational. I was expecting more flavour.

Approximate cost: $15

This review is for The Ark Coffee and Takeaway, Norah Head NSW

08 Jun 2016

The Ark Cafe is located in an idyllic position close to Norah Head's two great landmarks, the Lighthouse and the Rockpool. From the chairs or sofas set up on the grass outside, you can admire the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean. The cafe supports a charity in Madagascar, and hosts live events. On my recent visit I ordered an iced chocolate for $8. It is a little overpriced, but the cafe seems popular with the locals.

Approximate cost: $15

This review is for Toukley RSL Club, Toukley NSW

08 Jun 2016

I visited here while volunteering at a nursing home on the Central Coast. Every Friday they hold a lawn bowls function for nursing home residents in the surrounding area. Unfortunately it was raining on the day of my visit, but we played bingo instead. After that they brought out free plates of fish and chips of truly tremendous proportions. The club boasts plentiful wifi, and there is also an app that you can download.