Reviews by tintbum

This review is for Salon H by Haniff, Noble Park VIC

05 Jun 2017

Haniff is a fantastic cutter and colourist. Plus he thinks about the style that you should have. After he'd finished, his cut was identical to the photo I had in my purse that i'd shown previous hairdressers and failed to get. I didn't show him this photo, but that's the way he cut my hair. I was very impressed. I go back to him and his service is always the same. 10/10.

Approximate cost: $120

This review is for car detailer, Dandenong VIC

30 Jun 2016

Subaru Outback: I was recommended to Rainer by the work he did on my neighbours car. He is very passionate about using only the best products to give the best lasting detail. He does this work because he loves it. He even gets into the hidden areas under all the seats which the showroom detailers at Subaru missed.

Approximate cost: $220

This review is for stud road panels, Dandenong VIC

30 Jun 2016

Went to Tony Xintaropoulos who was recommended to me. I had bonnet damage and Tony did a fantastic job on the bonnet and the quote. If ever I need work done I will return to this Panel shop. I know why he was recommended to me.

Approximate cost: $400

This review is for Hairhouse Warehouse, Keysborough VIC

30 Jun 2016

shop was empty most of the afternoon, so I went in for a cut without an appointment. The one lady cutting a mans hair ignored me so I waited and waited. 2 women came from out the back and I asked if I could have a trim. Umming and mummbling to each other , one said really quietly, whilst looking intently at the computer screen, still in front of me, "Do you want to do it?" still looking, looking at the screen she said. "I have someone coming in in about 10 minutes. can you come back at..." Honestly I was glad they said no room. b/c their appearance was not very well groomed one. One desperately needed to brush her own hair. They need to have a look at how the girls down at Springvale operate their saloons. You get done no matter what! so 3 hairdressers. one nearly finished and two debating whether they had enough time to "fit me in". and an empty salon.

This review is for melbourne mobile detailing systems, Dandenong VIC

01 Apr 2016

I was looking for the best possible finish to my paint work on my car. George was prompt in getting back to me after I sent him an email via his web page. He came to my house exactly on time and gave my car a beautiful permanent shine. Here is his youtube channel that convinced me to use him. I would like to recommend George to anyone who wants paint protection or detailing on their car. I have a station wagon and the cost was $700

Approximate cost: $700

This review is for Parkmore Osteopathy, Keysborough VIC

08 Feb 2016

Penny Gosling is the only person I would go to now. I've had others who have just said, "it's not going to get better and will probably get worse." Not so. After i sacked that previous gentleman I went, on word of mouth, to Penny. She sat down and went through my detailed report and explained every thing on it to me one by one. Then she started her assessing of me and then treatment. Which is individualized to "your" specific complaint. Not only did I not get worse, I recovered and went back to work. I see how now for a "service, oil maintenance. Or to work on me if I've aggravated an injury. Penny keeps me living the way i should be living. Very , very happy with Penny's. service and her fantastic personality as well.

Approximate cost: $60

This review is for Noble Park Veterinary Clinic, Noble Park VIC

11 Jan 2016

I'm very impressed with the detailed care Dr Keiren gives. He will take a swab and examine it under a microscope to positively identify what he suspected is causing the symptoms, before prescribing the appropriate antibiotics. His thourogh pre diagnostic procedure is excellent! I feel he treats every animal according to their needs as he listens to you. And I've not got the impression that money is his motivating means of having his business. He truely is a career vet in his right profession.

This review is for Diamond Steam Cleaning, Melbourne VIC

30 Apr 2015

I've been waiting to find a steam cleaner who can clean carpets properly! Not only was their service reliable. ( I was never left wondering, "where are they?") But the machine power was set to maximum using the most detergent which resulted in clean carpets. So happy I am booking him to come around every six months. so i will see him again in Oct.
p.s. I rang him after another steam cleaner failed to remove a fresh coffee stain! All stains are now gone.

Approximate cost: $70

This review is for Dandenong Pavilion, Dandenong VIC

20 Dec 2014

This for me is the only place to go in Dandenong. Staff are very pleasant, helpfull and look like they enjoy serving you. (Cindy last time) Atmosphere is great, food is delisious. You always have to book now it is so popular. I couldn't get a table on Monday until 8:30! And yes I took it because not going there was not an option.

Approximate cost: $28.00

This review is for Lonely Pets Club, Melbourne VIC

20 Dec 2014

Again my 3 cats were loved and looked after by Kylie. With special attention to Mary who needs her eye washed daily. Very trustworthy and I'm totaly relaxed knowing they are all being so well looked after.

Approximate cost: $30 a visit