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192 reviews about DR ZENAIDY CASTRO Dentist Melbourne

06 Oct 2015

I have frequented Dr. Castro's clinic for over 10 years, and I can honestly say it has been a pleasurable experience. She is very trust worthy and knowledgable, and I highly recommend her for anybody looking for a dental physician of dinstinction.

05 Oct 2015

I usually hate going to the dentist but not now I have found Dr Castro.
My consultation was very informative with a number of cost options.
I am extremely pleased with the result of the work on my front teeth.
Loved the before and after shots of your cosmetic work.

30 Sep 2015

Lets be honest...no one likes the dentist. But when the time comes I do like going to see Dr Castro and Bobby! They are extra friendly, service is amazing and they have relaxing music playing to take your mind off that dreaded drill! Convenient location too. Definitely recommend!

30 Sep 2015

I found here after plenty of dentists researching in melbourne city for my chipped tooth treatment. And decided to be treated Lumineers here. It was amazing result more than what I expected before. I mean very good result of course.
There are also very friendly nice staffs and nostalgic atmosphere waiting entrance room there!

28 Sep 2015

Vogue Smiles is an excellent dental surgery. From the moment I arrived I felt warmly welcomed and comfortable, the staff treated me with kindness at all times and made me feel at ease.

24 Sep 2015

Vogue Smiles Melbourne is highly recommended for many reasons, its unconventional set-up, which makes it look unlike a typical dental surgery with the daunting clinical feel, is what makes it approachable and comfortable to attend an appointment to begin with. Dr Castro's superior skills & professionalism ensure that you get a quality treatment and she makes every effort to ensure that you are happy with your results. This is true for me as I have had my smile transformed with veneers that have attracted many compliments and enquiries as to where I got them done.
The exceptional standard of this professional practice is also due to a great support team,
which includes the rockstar of all office managers, Bobby.
If you typically dread 'visiting the dentist' as many do, for whatever reason, conquer your fear once and for all by getting in touch with Bobby, and committing to attending Dr Castro's practice as your first stop. You won't regret it !

23 Sep 2015

An excellent dentist with a friendly atmosphere. This dentist is situated in the CBD and is highly recommended for both ease and quality.

Approximate cost: $180

23 Sep 2015

Hello there! I am very happy to share with everyone about Dr. Zenaidy Castro! I have been going to her for a long time and am happy and very content with her services. She also has very friendly staff working with her. I urge you all to try Dr. Castro's services and experience for yourself!

22 Sep 2015

Great dental work by Dr Castro, had 2 bridge crowns done 4-5 years ago and still in good shape today, no cracks or chips, few tooth fills since and cleans, great and efficient follow up service from Bobby, very friendly and good to see your dentist smile, highly recommended.

21 Sep 2015

I trusted the womo reviews (I doubt how authentic some of the reviews are) and went for a wisdom tooth consultation, highly disappointed. xray and out in 2 mins, didn't bother to look closer. she wanted to do a filling which I didn't want. I mentioned, I wanted it out, quoted $900. I declined and wanted a specialist referral. got a call later quoting $300 for the same extraction. by this time I got suspicious and politely declined and asked for the referral again. Promised to send but never did.

HI Samrcr, We gave our patients a treatment options after examination and discussion of the pros and cons of each treatment. I can't recall giving somebody a quote of wisdom tooth extraction of $900 because first of all, I don't extract wisdom tooth. They are usually referred and it's a norm in our office that the referral were usually given on the spot, on the time of appointment. If you are a real patients of us, why don't you call Bobby and will be happy to assist you with that alleged referral form that you have not receive.

samrcr 21 Sep 2015 · 60% Trust

thanks very much, that won't be necessary, I have got it sorted visiting another practice

bobbyb846 22 Sep 2015 · 50% Trust

Hello Samrcr! This is Bobby from Dr. Castro's office. I am so sorry about the conflict of information that you have you believe to have received. Dr. Castro has never charged $900 for an extraction, and will always have me hand you a referral before you leave for a specialist to help you with lower wisdom tooth extractions if she believes she will not be able to assist you further. Please message me so that I may update your file, and again I am so sorry for not being able to help you. This is absolutely not indicative of our customer service for our prospective and current patients. Thank you for making the review for our practice as any areas that we are able to improve are greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful week and I wish you nothing but health and happiness!

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