49 reviews about Foxtel

06 Jun 2018

When we moved house we upgraded from having 1 box to 2 boxes. We have always had the standard box and have never had an issue with this, but they convinced us to upgrade the new box to an 'IQ3'..worst decision ever!!!! We have had nothing but trouble with this box, we constantly are on the phone to tech support and having to reset the box, we have also had to have foxtel come out and replace the whole box on 3 separate occasions and just the remote has been changed an additional 3 times. Don't make the same mistake that we did!!!!

26 Apr 2018

Our family had Foxtel for quite a few years..the price hiked up but the service did not-we repeatedly watched the same shows over and over again.Everything on Foxtel was repeats we end up getting it cancelled.

10 Feb 2018

had foxtel for quite some time-the prices went up but was not really getting the service we wanted.changed channels without letting us know as we thought we picked which channels we wanted.anyway the shows we watched started to be all repeats,it really was not worth the money we were paying for the service.

25 Jul 2017

It would be nice if Foxtel looked after their current client base! Instead of offering all the bonuses to new clients.
I'm also sick of seeing OLD programming! And please MORE COPS! It's an Oldy but a Goody!

19 Nov 2015

Very poor customer service when you need it. We have had an outage now for 4 days and it will continue into tomorrow and they do not care. They told us it would be fixed by 7 pm tonight and it is now after 8pm and still no signal. It sucks because we do not yet have free-to-air hooked up so we have been forced to watch dvds every night for the last 4 nights.

Overall, I can't recommend foxtel at all. It too is overly expensive for what you get and most of it is repeat after bloody repeat.

EDIT - 7 days now and still no foxtel, think before signing up for this shit!

Approximate cost: $120

08 Dec 2014

I arranged to have Foxtel installed through Telstra and had conflicting information from both parties which I sought to rectify. Telstra transferred me to Foxtel where unfortunately I had the rudest customer service person ever - talked over me constantly and when I asked to speak to his supervisor he inititally refused to put me through, then put me through to music for several minutes. Another voice came back and said it will be a few minutes and the phone line went dead. What a great welcome by this company - NOT !!

04 Nov 2014

sorry FOXTEL but your service guy was amazing and then your recording service was terrible - want to cancel. please think twice about getting foxtel. after paying $100 for the setup i am not happy with the recording so far nor the options

Approximate cost: $300

09 Mar 2014

I am a big fan of Foxtel because I love watching old classics and cartoons. However if you live in a busy household that is hardly home, this is not for you. The basic package comes with a large variety of channels but doesn't include sport or movies. However this is enough if you want some light entertainment every night.

22 Aug 2013

We just love our foxtel, the new pricing is really good and we have what we want. My only issue that it would be better if you could purchase one or two channels at a small price without upgrading to another $15 per month. Good customer service as well.

Approximate cost: $45

13 Aug 2013

Foxtel is not worth the money in my opinion. They don't exactly offer much variety and most of the times the shows are repeats! The only thing I really liked was the box to record and pause live tv. Too expensive.

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