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65 reviews about GR-TEK Computers

08 Jul 2014

GR-Tek sent this computer in so quickly, for a nice price. I haven't found a single problem with it since i got it and i've been using it now for about 2 years and when this one becomes outdated i plan to buy from these guys again.

Approximate cost: $1200

28 Jun 2014

My father found the company GR-Tek nearly ten years ago by fluke and ever since, neither he nor I have purchased our computers from anywhere else. Between the two of us, dad and I have purchased six builds from George and Maree with excellent quality from each and every one.

The service that Maree and George both provide is beyond phenomenal and they both go far above and beyond the calling of mere, "Customer Service". George and Maree have given both dad and I amazing advice whenever we've ordered, either letting us know if there's a choice we should change in our customisations of a build to suit our needs. If you think that's where it ends - think again. Even once the product is in your hands, George and Maree won't ever leave you feeling as though you're abandoned. Their astounding service continues even post-sale - which is more than I can say for many other companies I have dealt with!

The computers themselves have been minute-rice perfect all the time, every time. The prices are always fantastic and well below what you would expect on the open market elsehwere.

I cannot say anything but positive things about the business, so I won't waffle on, if only to surmise my review to this statement:
Once you've purchased from George and Maree, you will never regret the decision, and will likely never choose to go anywhere else.

31 Mar 2014

Given previous headaches building gaming computers I thought I'd let someone else do the honours this time. I had heard of GR-TEK through a friend and found their price extremely hard to beat. I ordered the computer on a Monday and by Friday afternoon I was admiring the build quality. Attention to detail in cabling and set-up means you can be confident about your order. Thanks GR-TEK!

Approximate cost: $3200

30 Mar 2014

Just Brought a High end Gaming Pc... Absolutely Awesome System.... Ordered Friday night , got it thursday afternoon.. Everything works Great and was simple to setup straight out of the box....I was Gaming within 20 minutes of setting it up ......Will definitely be buying another pc from them in the future......

Approximate cost: $4500

20 Dec 2013

I have bought my last 2 PCs from GR-TEK. I am an experienced user and have made my own PCs in the past. I pay more getting a 3rd party to do it but their skill and service makes it worth the extra expense; especially since i only ever buy top of the line.
I have had issues before, always due to Hardware dying or not working as intended... GR-TEK have gone out of their way to fix and assist in record time. These problems would have happened had i self-built and i would have been left with no support in this case.
Honestly i cannot praise their service and follow up enough.

Approximate cost: $4400

02 Oct 2013

GR-Tek was recommended to me on a gaming forum and decided to check them out and did purchase a new gaming machine. I am really happy with my new computer, it has everything I need and at a much cheaper price than other companies with virtually the same build. George & Maree couldn't have been more helpful, I rang with some queries and was given a 5% discount as well! The power cord was loose and a new replacement arrived within 24hrs. wonderful customer service. I will definitely recommend GR-TEK to other people and will definitely be purchasing from GR-TEK again.

Approximate cost: $1,650

Velvethearts 03 Oct 2013 · 100% Trust

They sound great! Thanks for the tip!

06 Sep 2013

I finally decided to upgrade my desktop and really wanted something special, almost like the perfect machine I always desired but never bought. Looking around online I came across Their pricing was exceptional when compared to main providers. Their quality of machine and service was unmatched. I don't think I will ever buy a PC from anywhere else. If you're looking for a high powered machine, make sure you compare your options with these guys first.

Approximate cost: $3500

05 Aug 2013

I recently bought a gaming computer for my son. Payment went through on the Monday and I received my order on the Friday. Fast service. After I ordered the computer, I emailed them to check if it would suit what I was after. Maree emailed straight back with a slight upgrade but didn't charge me for it. After I set it up, I noticed it didn't have inbuilt speakers, so had to go and buy some which was a bit annoying. I would have added them to my order if they were listed. The computer is running great though. Thanks.

Approximate cost: $1800

JenaSky 15 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

My son is extremely happy with the speed and graphics of the computer for his online games.

11 Jul 2013

Love the computer. It's fast, very quiet and is just what I wanted. I liked the options I had when deciding what I wanted in my computer and I liked that it was delivered exactly when they said it would be.

For those of us new to Windows 8, the basic written information included in the package was very helpful. When I had a problem with the power cord not fitting very well I rang Maree. She couldn't have been more helpful. I'm not in Sydney, but by the next morning I had 2 power cords of different lengths delivered, as well as a complimentary USB. Fantastic customer service.

I would not hesitate to recommend GR-TEK to anyone looking to buy a good quality computer for a reasonable price. To sum it up ... Product, excellent. Service, excellent.
Thanks GR-TEK

Approximate cost: $1600

JenaSky 27 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

Thanks for the review. I just ordered a gaming computer from here, and when I emailed with a question, the service I received was fast and efficient. I will review when I receive my order.

09 Jul 2013

I recently had a sweet gaming tower built by George and Maree. I found them to be extremely genuine and honest people to deal with. All of my questions were answered and recommendations made where appropriate. The build quality of my machine has impressed even the most harsh critics (my brother, who lives on his gaming machine). There was a problem with a USB wireless modem, which I proceeded to return. A replacement was sent to me via express post within days! Amazing customer service! If only all online experiences were as positive! Thanks George and Maree, you'll have repeat business from me, that's for sure.

Approximate cost: $1900.00

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