249 reviews about Virgin Australia

04 Nov 2016

We often fly over to New Zealand and on occasions have used Virgin to travel there. We found the service to be good and felt secure during the flight. We thought the prices were reasonable and the staff attentive.

13 May 2015

i love virgin for their free luggage and meals on their flights. I also love the Virgin frequent flyer points system that allows you shop through their estore

27 Jan 2015

Always travel with virgin, never go anywhere else, very good price, always felt safe. Staff are always friendly and happy to help with problems. Great deals on flying interstate.

20 Jan 2015

Domestically they are ok but now more expensive than Jetstar, whom we travel with now.

We went with them to Bali about 4 years ago and we were so crammed into our seats that it was not nice. Also we had to go through Melbourne Airport without any travelators, which made getting there tough.

Once there we were not asked to get on with our three young kids but they just let everyone board first.. I was not very happy about that.

27 Aug 2014

You can tell the difference from Virgin and the other airline companies. Virgin has a particular style of service that sets them streets apart from the rest in a positive manner. Their staff are friendly and try to do their best when and where they can to assist. I recently flew to LA from Melbourne and and I fly regularly for business with Virgin Australia. I would highly recommend anyone to fly with them.

Approximate cost: $4500

30 Apr 2014

A friend flew from Perth to Hobart for a big professional awards event recently. Somehow her luggage got left behind or sent to the wrong place, with her special outfit in it. Virgin undertook to retrieve it and get it to her in time for the event the next evening. But guests were meeting at 5pm to be taken to the venue, 2 hours away by ferry. 'If we miss you at the hotel we'll send it to the venue by taxi', said Virgin. And they did! My friend was able to change into her gladrags at the venue. I was mightily impressed by this handling of a mistake.

gibbo232 03 Nov 2014 · 100% Trust

awesome! very reassuring.

03 Apr 2014

I flew from Brisbane to Gladstone on what was the best flying experience I have had!! We were given complimentary food that was delicious and the seats were comfortable. The price of tickets was not outrageously expensive which was a consolidation :)

03 Apr 2014

Virgin Australia is one of the better domestic carriers. I recently flew Sydney to Gold Coast. On the way back I flew jetstar. Significant difference. Virgin offers complimentary drink on board. Leather seats are more comfortable and there's more leg room. My plane had two seats on each side, still felt spacious compared to jetstar. I would recommend waiting for deals as it is more expensive than jetstar and tiger.

08 Jan 2014

I've flown with Virgin Airlines on a trip to the US. It was quite comfortable, and I like how they provide unlimited snacks and water; you can serve yourself if you like, and not have to wait for the crew to come to you for drinks.

lisant 13 Jan 2014 · 100% Trust

They also have a reward system for when you fly with them or their partner airlines, such as Delta.

10 Dec 2013

Great Service and Friendly Staff ,never had a issue with them and will continue to use ,Seating on Air Craft not the most comfortable but when you gets cheap flights ,I will sit on anything

markh40 10 Dec 2013 · 100% Trust

You are so right, Virgin are excellent. If I were Qantas, I would be worried, their youthful, friendly and helpful nature is being noticed. Very, Very good value.

lisant 08 Jan 2014 · 100% Trust

This is one of my favourite airlines. Great service, friendly, and good quality economy flights.

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