Reviews by margrethaz1

This review is for Jack Purcell Meats, Virginia QLD

07 Mar 2015

I too have been going here for years, but am losing my fervour for the place. It's very hard to find a park on weekends as the car park is very limited in space, the store is quite small and can be very hard to negotiate with a crowd there and on one or more occasions we have left because it was so hard to get through to the checkout. There are limited checkouts, and over the years I have noticed that some meats and smallgoods have increased by 300% in the past 4 years. A great example is a smoked pork hock that they roast and sell on weekends. They started at $5, then went to $8, then $12 and now they are nearly $20 each.
Why? Oh, because they became popular and they wanted to cash in! I understand it's a business, but don't out-price your customers! I have stopped going there and only visit once every 6 months now, because other butchers closer to home are much better value. It's sad really, because it was a favourite outing for us on Sundays.
I now find myself thinking about whether it's worth the extra miles to shop there.

This review is for Nightowl, Boondall QLD

08 Aug 2013

This store is pretty convenient, because it's open at all hours. They have a vast array of different food, drinks and even magazines and cigarettes. They're not as cheap as some, but handy when you need something. Parking is great, and the staff friendly. They sell frozen drinks and hot food too.

This review is for Brodies Mealmakers, Boondall QLD

08 Aug 2013

Stopped in on my way to bingo last night, and enjoyed a meal. They sell everything from chicken to beef or pork. Had a Chipper Dipper of chips with gravy & cheese, a hot roast pork roll with gravy and a coke. It was hot, scrumptious and very filling. They have meals for one to 20 people, and it's great value. Parking is never a problem, and they also have a drive-thru. There is seating inside or outside, and it's always clean and tidy. I recommend them to one and all as they are a great place. Good value, great customer service and very family friendly.

Approximate cost: $12.95

This review is for Aldi, Burpengary QLD

05 Aug 2013

I haven't been to this supermarket in years! I pass it all the time on my way to a friends house, so I stopped in yesterday on my way home. They have greatly improved their product line, and the store seems friendlier somehow. Parking was a breeze, as it is quite large. They had all my favourite products too! It was good to know that I can stop in as all the aldi stores have the same stock on hand.

This review is for Salt 'n' Battered, Murrumba Downs QLD

05 Aug 2013

Read the review online, and we were in the area on our way home. Stopped in to get a fix of fish and chips. Of course we ended up getting some other little extras too like prawns and calamari! What a wonderful meal we had! Enjoyed it tremendously, but with our budget we can't indulge too often. It wasn't cheap, but it was great tasting and value for money. We intend to go back again. The food wasn't oily or taste oily, which is a big problem in some places. We had to wait a little, but the food was fresh and well worth it! No problems finding the place or with parking either. The shop was clean and welcoming, the staff friendly.

Approximate cost: $35.00

This review is for Hungry Jacks, Kippa Ring QLD

26 Jul 2013

I have read some of the reviews from this store and checked them out today for lunch. The staff are all pretty young, but that is the norm across many fast food places these days. I got served by a girl who could have used a little sunshine in her day, because she looked like any excuse and she was gone! She wasn't impolite but wasn't friendly either. I ordered my meal to eat there and she put it in a bag as a take away. I told her I wanted it on a tray, and she looked like she was going to lose it! She slammed the bag on a tray and just looked at me like I was stupid. I asked to speak to the manager, and she started to look worried. I never got to speak to the manager because he/she was too busy apparently. Not a great way to relax over lunch. When I got home, I emailed he manager through the website and have advised them to upgrade their customer service. Lunch was great though. Fresh and hot. Car parks were a little sparse, but that was to be expected as it was lunch time. Proximity is good if you are shopping at Kippa-Ring. The restaurant was clean, and the unlimited fill ups of soft drinks a plus these days.

Approximate cost: $8.95

This review is for The Cheese Cake Shop, Caboolture QLD

19 Jul 2013

I have to say I have been treated better as a customer in the bank! This store lacks proper management! The staff don't seem to care, the products look good but the service is terrible. They were very slow the other day, and I ended up leaving because after they had served a customer, they talked or one left the counter. The prices are pretty high here, a little consideration for customers would greatly increase their business prospects. Attitude is everything if you want happy customers who come back! They have attitude alright, but it isn't good! I've been here before, but I will definitely not be going back (ever)! I will drive the extra kilometres to Margate instead. Better access to the store would help too.

This review is for Caboolture Sports Club, Morayfield QLD

12 Jul 2013

Since renovations etc, this place is much bigger and they now have a café, a bistro and the restaurant. But, they still only have one kitchen and the waiting times for food can be frustrating. Many people order their food, then go play the pokies while they wait. I suppose that's the point for this club. I paid $4 for a small bottle of coke and a glass of ice which seems expensive to me. I ended up having to wait 35 minutes for my meal on Saturday and I didn't enjoy it so much after waiting all that time. Apparently it was the seasoned potato wedges that I ordered as a side dish that was the main delay. Prices aren't that great if you're not a member, but I don't go there enough to warrant it. Parking can get hard to find on weekends, but you need to be early. eg. before 10am. They also have live entertainment free most days/nights.

Approximate cost: $19.99

This review is for The Coffee Club, Kippa Ring QLD

12 Jul 2013

What a great little café this is just opposite the new look Woolworths. It's in the corner next to the escalators, and very easy to find. Parking can be an issue though, so I always park around back and walk through to Woolies and the other speciality shops there. The coffee is just as great as Redcliffe and nice and hot. The staff are fresh faced and friendly, the food/snacks appetising, and the place is very clean. Just a great little place to stop for a break and enjoy some delicious coffee and cake, like I do. They have a nice seating area too.

Approximate cost: $8.00

This review is for Kedron Wavell RSL, Chermside QLD

12 Jul 2013

I don't go here often, but my friends love the place. We went there for a meal on Sunday and found the food a bit cool. I asked for a steak sandwich and chips, but they were luke- warm and not very tasty. I sent it back and had to wait a long time before I got the meal again. The waiting times for meals are very long. My friends went with the easy meals in the food warmer, but hubby thought they were boring. We had a cuppa too, and it was also a very long wait. I wouldn't choose to eat here, I think there are better places in Chermside. We didn't enjoy ourselves either. The car park was okay, but you need to park some distance from the front door as they are all reserved for disabled patrons and the bottle shop.

Approximate cost: $21.00